10 Best affiliate Program picks for 2022

Affiliate marketers have one thing on their minds: performance. You can get the best performance from your affiliate campaigns by trying different platforms. There are many great affiliate marketing programs available for beginners or those with more experience. You can see what offers are available on the most popular platforms so you can get the best conversions and also build a steady income.

10 Best affiliate Program picks for 2022


Affiliaxe is the best choice for marketers who wish to have access to a variety of verticals. This means you have access to many products and offers so you can choose where you want to get the best results. If accepted, you will have access to an Affiliate Manager who can help you optimize traffic and create bonus programs that maximize your earning potential. This platform is a popular choice for global affiliate marketers.


A great product sells itself. Elementor has an Affiliate Program that can help you do just that. This popular WordPress website builder has seen incredible success and is regularly on the top 15 WordPress plugins lists. Elementor is loved by affiliates for its generous 50% commission, large affiliate toolkit with supporting banners and logos, and dedicated team available to help with any issue.

DFO Global:

DFO Global is the best affiliate network. The DFO Global affiliate network offers a wide variety of eCommerce products within a secure, brand-protected, closed environment. There are high coverage offers and high rewards. DFO Global, with its top-notch data analysis and responsive managers, is the best choice for serious affiliate marketers who want to make a good investment in their time.

Amazon Associates:

Amazon is an excellent platform for affiliate marketing beginners. Amazon Marketplace handles the majority of your sales and will warm up your leads. Your task is to find new clients through external traffic sources. There are many products you can pitch. New ones are being added daily. It's a great way of making money without having to have any prior experience with affiliate marketing.

eBay Partner Network:

Here's a great opportunity to tap into the enormous affiliate potential that the eBay market offers. Promote eBay products through social media, your website, or blog and receive a commission on every product purchased via your link. The process of signing up to the eBay Partner Network can be simple. You will find a variety of products to promote including hot trending products and daily deals.


ShareASale is one of the most trusted affiliate networks. It's been in operation for over two decades. Because of its easy interface, speedy signup, and support for multiple affiliate websites, the network is beloved by merchants and marketers. You can choose from over 40 categories and many big-name merchants.


GiddyUp will connect you with genuine, profitable brands. GiddyUp is all for Partner Marketing. It is their way of creating performance-based partnerships. Translation? It can bring you great results. You must be serious about being an affiliate to get accepted. If you are a good fit, we recommend that you give it a shot.

M4trix Network:

M4trix Network is the best place to find exclusive deals and offers in less traveled gems. It is a full-service affiliate network, which can go anywhere. You will also find some incredible technology behind the scenes that can help you drive smarter strategies, and optimize your performance in real-time.


ClickBank has 6 million digital products, in more than 20 categories, and is used by 200 million people globally. This makes it a popular choice for affiliate marketers. ClickBank has a high payout rate, up to 75%, and it is also known for regular, reliable payments. Many products can be sold regularly. This is a great source of recurring income. You also have the option to upsell products to increase your income.

CJ Affiliate:

Affiliate offers a great opportunity for more experienced marketers. The program has 300 brands, many of which are some of the most recognizable brands in the world. This program offers 43% year-on-year growth in commissions making it attractive. You will need to have traffic to be accepted and you will need to follow strict guidelines for being a publisher. While the advanced toolbox is not easy to use, it offers great features for affiliate marketers who are more experienced.


PartnerStackis an associate program that promotes software tools and products, including popular and well-known programs. According to the company, 30% of software sales are made through channel partners. If your audience is interested in a specific software product, then there's a great opportunity for you. PartnerStack is known for its ability to build partnerships between affiliate marketers and product owners. You'll enjoy pinpointed analytics as well as high growth potential.

Program for Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for digital services, boasting over 11 million users from 190 countries. Fiverr offers generous commission plans with up to $150 CPA. You also get lifetime attribution and no referral limit. Another benefit of the Fiverr Affiliates Program is the user-friendly dashboard. You also have access to a variety of creative resources that can be used to promote Fiverr.

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