10 reasons that webflow is great for small businesses

Webflow has been gaining more and more popularity recently, but why is it so great for small businesses? Let’s explore 10 of the many benefits of webflow.

10 reasons that webflow is great for small businesses

1. It offers a variety of professional templates to get started quickly.

This is super convenient when you’re in a rush and need something done fast! We all know that time is money, so it’s great that webflow has the resources for designers on-demand with their “Professional Templates” feature. This allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to focus their precious time and energy on growing their business rather than spending hours trying to create what they need from scratch (which we’ve all been there). With these pre-made designs, small businesses can easily launch or rebrand without having to hire another designer at an expensive rate. Not only this but because these templates are cutting edge design that includes modern font options such as Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit, it’s always on the cutting edge of design.

2) You can create really beautiful websites without any coding knowledge or design skills.

You don’t have to be a programmer or designer in order to create something great. Webflow makes it really easy for people without coding knowledge or design skills the ability to create beautiful websites that are responsive, desktop, and mobile-friendly at no cost! This is because you can choose from their many pre-made templates available on Webflow’s website which already include all of the code needed for your site.

3. Webflow makes it easy to edit your website on the go with its mobile app.

Webflow has several additional benefits, including the ability to process files with the same markup language. their “mobile app” which makes it easy for people with little or no design skills the ability to update and manage their site while they are out and about. This gives designers more time to focus on what matters most — growing business revenue, instead of spending hours trying to fix something that was broken by an inexperienced designer who doesn’t know how to properly use WebFlow.

The best part? You can access this mobile app wirelessly! No need for an internet connection like other tools like Photoshop, Sketch & Illustrator (which surprisingly still don’t have wireless compatibility). Now there’s really no excuse not having a website that your customers can update on the go! This will allow you to access it from anywhere, anytime.

4. It lets you publish your site in minutes instead of days!

Webflow allows you to publish your site in minutes instead of days. Not only this but it’s also search engine optimized, making it easier for people to find your website when they’re searching online! This is a great way to get exposure and make money from the internet without having to spend hundreds or thousands on advertising which can be costly depending on where you want exposure. With webflow, all these features are available at no cost — talk about budget-friendly!

5. It’s a great way to engage your customers.

Not only is Webflow convenient for small businesses, but it also offers some fantastic benefits for you and your consumers too — one of the biggest being its interactive features! This allows small business owners to engage their audience more effectively which has been shown in studies* that engaging with audiences on social media leads to higher conversion rates (the act of converting site visitors into actual paying customers). Not only this but webflow uses technologies like HTML & CSS to make it easy for designers who are familiar with coding languages to use these interactive tools available directly within webflow.

6. It allows you to create an app for your site.

As part of Webflow’s many great features, they also let business owners and entrepreneurs have the ability to build their own apps! This is a huge benefit as it means that people can find content directly from within these apps without having to go back and forth between different pages on your website — making it much easier for consumers who want quick access to information which has been shown* in studies will increase conversion rates too. Not only this but because these tools are so easy-to-use, there’s no need for developers or other third-party companies which means more money saved by not hiring someone else.

7. It’s great for SEO.

Another reason why Webflow is so beneficial to small businesses, especially those looking to grow their audience online, is because it has been designed with search engine optimization in mind which means more exposure on Google and other social media sites — leading to your website is easier to find by audiences all over the world! This will result in higher traffic rates as well as increased conversions too which benefits you directly. All of this can be achieved at no cost thanks to webflow’s easy-to-use tools that are available right now without needing third-party companies or developers who often charge high fees just for implementing simple things like a contact form or adding additional pages!

8. It’s user-friendly.

One of the best things about Webflow is its ease of use! Since it was designed for beginners, anyone can create their own site within minutes with little to no coding knowledge — making it perfect for web designers who are looking to branch out on their own without having to hire a developer or other third party company which will save you more money in the long run since none of these companies charge anything near what developers do! It also integrates seamlessly across all devices including smartphones and tablets meaning that customers can access your website from anywhere at any time too.

9. It’s free to use.

Webflow is an example of a company that believes in giving back which means they offer their services for no cost at all! It doesn’t matter what size your business is, webflow will treat you the same as any other customer on their platform meaning you get access to all these great features without having to pay anything extra or hire someone else just so you can have more exposure online — talk about budget-friendly. This makes it perfect for small businesses who are looking into using the internet but don’t know how much work goes into creating and maintaining a website while also wanting some awesome tools too!

10. It’s perfect for freelancers.

Webflow is the ideal platform for freelancers looking to branch out on their own and work from home! The benefits of using webflow as a freelance designer include: you get paid what you are worth without having to hire someone else, no need to worry about hiring an office because all tools are available online which means more time working and less time commuting too, not having to pay rent or bills like other business owners who might have employees (ie. water & electric bills) meaning more savings in the long run — both financially AND environmentally! Overall it’s just great knowing that companies like Webflow exist since they offer services that benefit everyone making sure small businesses can thrive while helping designers make money doing something they love.


If you own a small business and are looking for an easier way to grow your audience online, then webflow is the perfect platform for you! With all of these amazing features at no cost, it’s easy to see why more people should use this great tool today. Not only does it make access across devices simple but it also helps with SEO which results in increased traffic rates as well as higher conversions too — making sure customers come straight back time after time while helping businesses save money they can put towards other aspects of their company instead. Webflow makes life better for everyone which means we’re one step closer toward creating a greener world where freelancers get paid what they deserve and designers can work from home without needing anyone else’s “okay”.

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