10 Ways to Increase Your Organic Rankings on Google Maps

Organic google maps rankings are important for many types of businesses. If you want to rank higher, then this post is for you! We will discuss 10 google maps ranking strategies that can help increase your organic google maps search rankings.

10 Ways to Increase Your Organic Rankings on Google Maps

This article also includes information about google’s algorithm changes and how they affect SEO so be sure to read on if you’re interested in the latest updates from Google.

1. Add your business to Google Maps.

Google Maps is the only mapping app that’s been installed on 500 million phones worldwide, which accounts for almost 50% of all smartphones. In addition to providing a standard GPS service with turn-by-turn navigation and voice-guided walks from place A to B (or any other destination), it also offers business listings so users can find businesses near their current location quickly without having to search around first.

2. Include a photo of your storefront or office on the map.

It’s important to add an image of your business location so that google can build a map for you. Adding photos is the best way to attract new customers and google will reward businesses with higher rankings if they have high-quality images added to their maps listings. Your photo should be compelling and give users a good idea about what it’s like inside or outside your store/office. Make sure not to use any copyrighted material in the photograph, such as trademarks or logos from other companies because google will remove these types of photos automatically! Also, keep in mind that Google has recently implemented stricter rules around images on google maps (the same policies also apply when uploading images onto Google Shopping).

3. Make sure you have accurate contact information.

Your google maps listing is only as good as the information that it contains. If you have incomplete or inaccurate contact details, then Google will not be able to send customers your way and users won’t trust your business enough to choose to do business with you! It’s important for all of the information in your Google listings profile (name, phone number, address, etc.) to be 100% accurate so google can properly deliver leads to potential customers.

4. Add hours of operation to the map listing.

Even if your google maps listing is completely filled out with accurate information, there’s a good chance that Google will not be able to send users in search of businesses open after business hours. When you add the opening and closing times for your store/office on google maps listings, then google can display this information when needed (and it encourages customers to visit). The more complete and informative the google profile, the higher its rankings in search results!

5. Promote your business with a link from another website that has good traffic.

If your google business listing is incomplete or has bad reviews, then you can simply upgrade the google maps listings by adding more information and promoting it through other websites that have a large audience. If someone visits another website with links to google maps businesses, they may see yours as well! In addition to this strategy, you should also consider creating social media profiles for your business on Google Plus. These days google ranks local businesses higher if there are online communities associated with them so be sure to share interesting content about yourself/your industry on these platforms regularly in order to build up a following of regular readers who will check back often.

6. Share links to your location on social media sites.

Once you’ve added google maps links to your social media profiles, share those links on a regular basis and encourage your followers/friends to do the same! Every time someone shares one of these google business listings with their friends or family members through email, text message, etc., it’s like giving free advertising for each person who sees this link. This is because Google will see all of these activities as proof that there are people out there looking at what you have to offer online. If lots of different users from around the web start sending traffic over to your google business listing then google can assume that other customers might be interested in checking out what you’re offering too so it’ll reward such businesses with better rankings than competitors whose marketing strategies aren’t working as well.

7. Use google analytics to track user activity on your google business listing.

Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool that allows you to monitor how users interact with not only the content on your website but also with google maps listings and google local search results as well. The more traffic a specific page receives (including visitor details such as location) then the higher it’ll rank in both organic and google sponsored ads searches! If lots of people are following links from other websites or social media platforms back to your google business profile, this will be picked up by these tracking tools so use them often to see if there’s anything new that can help improve rankings for all pages linked to google profiles including those associated with businesses.

8. Optimize google business listings for mobile devices.

It’s no secret that the majority of web traffic these days is coming from smartphones and tablets so if you want to get on google maps results on a regular basis then it makes sense to optimize your google profiles for all types of users, including those who are looking things up while they’re out and about on their phones or other portable devices! You can do this by using language that includes abbreviations (like “st” instead of street names etc.) in order to make google search results shorter/easier to read when displayed within smaller screens.

9. Optimize google business listings for local searches.

There are certain keywords that Google uses to rank businesses/google maps listings in various regions so if your Google profile is not optimized around these specific words then it’s likely that you’ll get lost within the search results when people look for services or offerings in your area. For example, users searching on google might type “Italian food New York” into the google search bar in order to find restaurants near them with Italian cuisine available, etc. If there are no pages associated with a particular region listed in their top rankings then they’re unlikely to stick around long enough to explore other options because most internet surfers don’t have all day to sift through thousands of irrelevant links!

10. Make google maps listings the primary focus of your website.

Most businesses know that google search results are incredibly important to their bottom line but did you also know that google maps search rank business profiles even higher than regular google organic searches? Since people tend to use google maps more often when they’re actually looking for local offerings, it makes sense then to make your google profile(s) the main reason why anyone would visit your site because this will help attract lots of new customers who might not have otherwise found out about what you have on offer!

finally: google maps results can be an extremely powerful way to attract lots of new customers but if you don’t give Google the right information then they’ll never know it’s there!
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