10 ways to increase your search engine ranking without using google

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 ways to increase your search engine ranking without using google. These strategies are sure to be a good fit for any business that wants to rank higher on the search engines and get more traffic from organic searches.

10 ways to increase your search engine ranking without using google

1. Use keywords in your title tags.

Using the right words is important if you want to rank higher for those specific terms or phrases on Google search results pages (SERPs). Make sure that one of these words is used at least once throughout the entire post, but use them as much as possible without being too spammy. Search engines will penalize websites with over-optimization, so keep things natural and write naturally!

2. Optimize the content on your website for mobile devices.

This is a BIG deal, and not many people know how important it is to optimize their website for mobile devices. Google has even created algorithms that will rank websites higher in the SERPs if they are optimized for mobile users! The bottom line is, make sure your entire website (or blog) can be viewed properly on any device. If you want more traffic from google searches, then this should be priority number one when optimizing your site or creating new content such as an article or product description page.

3. Add rich snippets to your web pages.

If you have ever searched for something on google and seen a website with stars populating its search results, this is usually done using rich snippets to display reviews or ratings on that site. This makes your page more appealing to the user as well as increases traffic without doing any work other than creating those product/article pages! You can also see related links, which are very beneficial when users are searching for certain things but don’t know exactly what they would like to find.

4. Make sure you have a social media presence.

This is key for any business looking to get more visibility on the internet. Social media websites are huge, and getting your company or website name out there can lead to the exponential growth of visitors coming from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Start with one site at a time and create profiles that are very professional but also true to who you are as a brand/business.

5. Create quality links with other websites that are relevant to yours.

This is called link building for SEO purposes. The more quality links you have pointing to your website or blog, the higher Google will rank you in their SERPs. This takes time, though, because it can be difficult getting websites/businesses to agree to share a link with yours, but if they are relevant, then there should not be any problems. Try reaching out on social media, emailing businesses that offer similar services and products, etc., just don’t get spammy!

6. Include images in posts, not just text.

Images are HUGE when it comes to ranking higher on the SERPs. If you have a post that is mainly text, then don’t be afraid to throw in an image or two, google loves images!

When writing blog posts for your website, including pictures relevant to what you are talking about if possible. This will help increase traffic and conversion rates which means more money coming into your business! Just make sure they aren’t copyrighted materials because there could be problems with getting them removed from search results pages otherwise.

7. Use SEO plugins.

Plugins are a great way to increase your search engine ranking without too much work on your part. There are many different types of SEO plugins, but most will help you with meta tags, rich snippets, social media optimization, and just about anything else that can improve the rankability of your website or blog! The best thing is they usually have options for free usage, so give one a try today if you haven’t already…you won’t regret it!

8. Create original content.

This is probably the most important part of SEO, and yet, it is also one of the easiest! All you have to do in order to get more traffic from google searches is create fresh new content that hasn’t been seen before on other websites or blogs. This makes sure your site does not look like spam because it has nothing but repetitive text everywhere, which will eventually push down your page rank if all you are doing is copying/pasting material off of other sites.

9. Optimize your images.

This is another thing that can be done using plugins, but if you are not using one, then it is something to consider all the same! Just upload an image, right-click on it and see what information pops up in the bottom section of your screen (EXIF data). This will tell you things like exposure, orientation, time is taken, etc., which means optimizing these factors for SEO purposes should lead to better rankings after a while. Keep doing this with all new images created throughout your site or blog posts until you find the best results possible…once again, though, make sure they aren’t copyrighted materials because there could be problems with getting them removed from search results pages otherwise.

10. Create an email list of subscribers who will receive regular updates.

This is a great way to get in touch with your audience and keep them coming back for more. Just create an email list of current followers, send out emails every time you publish new blog posts, or upload videos/images onto your social media sites (if allowed) so they can see what’s going on in real-time! This type of interaction will definitely help increase traffic which means higher search engine rankings but also better conversions because people feel like they know you as a brand/business and are more likely to buy from you over others who just post updates once or twice per day.

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