10 ways to make your LinkedIn profile more appealing

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the job-hunting world. It can be used to find potential employers, connect with people in your field, and work on your own personal brand. However, many people have trouble with their profile because they don’t know what makes a good one or how to stand out from the crowd. 

10 ways to make your LinkedIn profile more appealing

In this post, we will discuss 10 ways that you can make your LinkedIn profile more appealing so that you get noticed!

1. Add a picture of yourself to your profile.

Add a picture of yourself to your profile. It is important for potential employers and clients that you look like the real deal, especially if they’re looking at hiring someone in person as well as online. What do you want them to think when they see what you present? Are you trustworthy? Can I work with this person? These are all questions that need answers so make sure there’s no guessing involved! A photo can help give those answers without too much effort on their part which makes your job easier and shows how serious about the career choices that you truly are!

2. Include keywords in the summary section that are relevant to your career.

Include keywords in the summary section that are relevant to your career. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do it! It’s worth taking the time to review what key terms should go where because you want potential employers and clients to find exactly what they need when searching for someone through LinkedIn. You can see which keywords others have used by clicking on “view profile” under their name then scrolling down until you get to their skills list. Study these profiles carefully so that your own is just as impressive!

3. Update your work history with recent accomplishments and projects you worked on.

Updating your work history with recent accomplishments and projects you worked on is another important part of getting noticed by potential employers. It’s easy to see only the job that a person has held for a long time, but what they have done recently can be just as impressive! Review your older jobs if necessary so that it is clear how much growth you have experienced in your career path which makes it seem like you’re perfect for any position because who doesn’t want someone with experience? And don’t forget about those smaller scale achievements either- even something small at one company might look great when mentioned during an interview somewhere else!

4. Make sure all contact information is up-to-date.

This includes your profile URL which should lead to an active email address, phone number, and current location. If you’re looking for a job in the near future then it’s important that companies are able to get in touch with you easily so they don’t have to spend too much time trying! You can provide links to other social media accounts if desired but make sure not to neglect any of these key pieces of information when updating because potential employers will definitely want them before contacting you about open positions.

5. Choose an appropriate headline for your profile.

Last but not least, choose an appropriate headline for your profile. This part is still up to you and what you want it to say about yourself or any special interests that you might have. Listing a profession in the middle of the page isn’t too appealing so try using keywords from #2 to spice it up! Also, if you’re worried about coming off as unprofessional with some words then don’t be afraid to edit them slightly so they better suit your career goals. You can always ask friends or family members for their honest opinions before publishing these changes and saving them because impressions are everything when trying to impress the right people on LinkedIn!

6. Customize your LinkedIn URL.

Attaching an appropriate professional email address to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to make yourself known as somebody who’s serious about their career and willing to invest the time in networking with others. However, if you’re not too keen on making this last decision then at least use a unique username that will help potential employers find you! If you change your mind at any point then it’s possible to do this without losing all of your connections which is another plus for those still working on growing their lists!

7. Edit your profile.

Change text font, font size, background color, etc. to make sure the information is easy to understand and appealing for anyone who might be reading it. You can also take this time to create a quote or slogan that represents yourself as an individual! It’s good practice not only for potential employers but also for those who are looking to expand their network further by getting noticed on social media websites which are usually visited by people outside of one’s own profession.

8. Customize your LinkedIn settings.

It’s important that you protect all of your sensitive information so nobody gets access unless they’re really looking to work with you in some way or form! Your password should be unique and completely random so nobody can guess it easily and access your account whenever they want. You can also edit your personal or contact information including phone number, address, birthday, marital status, etc. to keep things private!

9. Be active on LinkedIn.

Don’t just sit back and rely on your connections to supply you with all of the opportunities you need! If there are certain companies or individuals who seem really appealing then send them a message asking how you can help them out or if they’d be willing to work with somebody like yourself in the future! It’s also good practice to leave comments on other people’s profiles because it lets both parties know that you’re paying attention and care about what their careers entail which makes these online relationships grow stronger over time.

10. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t gaining many connections immediately after joining because it’s impossible to please everyone and every company! Take the time to check over your profile for mistakes and don’t feel obligated to take up a position with a certain company just because they asked. It’s better to wait until you find a job that motivates you and helps build your skills so everything will come together in the end when nobody expected it to happen at all!

Conclusion: Thank you for reading. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any questions or comments then feel free to leave them below in the comment section so we can start a discussion about your experience with LinkedIn! As always, please share with friends and family who might be looking for a new job or just want to expand their network on social media websites.

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