13 easy ways to make money online that require no special skills

Do you want to make money online? We’ve compiled a list of the best websites for making money from your computer. Check out these 13 websites that will help you earn cash, and start making money from the internet today!

13 easy ways to make money online that require no special skills

1. Make money with surveys.

You can make money with surveys. Surveys are a great way to earn passive income and have no investment required, all the information is available online so there’s nothing you need other than an internet connection! You just sign up for one of these sites that offer incentives like cash or gift cards as well as access bonuses once they verify your email address.

2. Get paid to read emails.

Another great way to make money online is by getting paid to read emails. There are a few sites that offer this service, but I use InboxDollars because it’s an easy way for me to help pay my bills when they’re due! You can also get cashback on purchases you’ve already made with the retailers featured in their email list.

3. Get paid to watch videos.

Watching ads won’t make you rich, but it can help contribute some passive income into your bank account! There are sites like Swagbucks that allow you to earn money for watching videos and even doing other things online like taking surveys or playing games. You can cash out using PayPal once they reach $30, so start cashing in now!

4. Earn money for shopping.

You can earn cashback on your online purchases by using a site like Ebates that gives you up to 40% of what you spend at some stores, or even through ShopAtHome which pays out 15%. This is another great way to make passive income without having to put in much work! All it takes is time spent doing things everyday people do anyway, but getting paid while doing them.

5. Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a great way to make money for doing everyday things you already do online, like searching the web or watching videos! You get bonus points if you complete special offers and tasks that take less than a few minutes each day. There are also opportunities every week to win gift cards by playing games on their site, so sign up now and start earning your cashback today!

6. Cashcrate.

CashCrate is another great way to make money for doing everyday things online, like taking surveys and watching videos! You get even more points if you refer your friends using the referral link on their website. Like Swagbucks, once you’ve earned $30 in cashback they’ll send it along via PayPal within 48 hours so that’s pretty awesome too!

7. Tasks.

Some sites will pay you to complete simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, and trying new things online for free! These sites usually have a small fee associated with them if you want access to all of their features but it’s worth the money because they provide so many ways to make passive income without having any investment required on your part whatsoever!

8. Get paid to search.

Searching the web is a great way to make money online, especially if you have an ad block extension installed on your browser because that will help give you extra cashback! This works by replacing regular ads with special offers for companies and brands that want to get their name out there more directly before people start visiting those websites from Google searches. You can make as much as $100/month using this app alone so it’s worth checking out!

10. Get paid to download apps.

Downloading and playing games or other types of apps on your phone is a great way to make money, especially because it’s passive income and doesn’t require much work at all! You just have to install the app from one of these sites that offer up free cash prizes in exchange for downloading their software onto your mobile device. Once you’ve made $20 by doing this then they’ll pay out via gift card so sign up today if you haven’t already!

11. Get paid to click.

Some sites will pay you for clicking on ads, usually at a rate of around $0.01/per ad so it’s not the best way to make money online but if you’re just starting then why not give them a try? These types of websites aren’t nearly as popular nowadays because they don’t offer much value in return other than taking up space and time which is what makes them so dangerous! I would only recommend trying these if their software won’t install onto your computer or phone otherwise stay away from this type altogether.

12. Get paid to follow on social media.

You can also make money just by following certain brands and companies online! For instance, if you wanted some free Starbucks coffee then all you have to do is sign up using their app through Swagbucks so that’s pretty cool too. You’d be surprised at how many apps there are out there like this one where they’ll give away small prizes in exchange for your attention or feedback of some sort without having to spend any extra time doing it! Start getting cash back today by signing up with them all right here.

13. Get paid to play games.

If you like playing online video games then this is also a great way to make money! Some companies will even pay you for using different products on your computer during gameplay as well as give away some extra points and cashback just by completing special offers mentioned in their FAQ section or under ‘My Account. I know it sounds too good to be true but they’re definitely legit because my friend makes $200/month from them already, so sign up today before all those spots fill up!

14. Get paid to create your online store.

Creating an online shop is the best way to make money because you get to choose all of the products that go into it! I know some people might think this sounds like a lot of work but there are sites out there that will build one for free, plus they’ll host and protect everything at no extra cost which makes them even more valuable than traditional hosting companies. They also have apps where you can post new product listings on social media so if you see something interesting then check these services out today before their user base gets any bigger or else miss out forever!

You can use these websites as well as apps on your phone or tablet including Gigwalk (for iOS) and Field Agent (for Android). You’ll never be bored again once you start making extra cash from home by doing everyday things people do anyway — no special skills necessary. There is always something available whether it’s after work hours during lunch breaks, weekends, or even early in the morning.

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