13 lessons I have learned the most as an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I have learned many lessons. Some were frustrating while others were beneficial. This blog post contains 13 lessons that I learned from being an entrepreneur. These insights can help you to be successful with your business.

13 lessons I have learned the most as an entrepreneur

1. Be patient, persistent

You'll often hear the phrase "It takes Money to Make Money" as a entrepreneur. Everyone expects that you can figure everything the first time. They also expect you to be quick to criticize those who fail. Keep trying until you succeed. Many entrepreneurs who have been successful will admit that they failed several times before their businesses grew. Do whatever you love. It does not matter how lucrative the business is, but what really matters is that it makes a difference to others.

2. Don't be afraid of asking for help

Entrepreneur are often in a tight spot. This means that your business's success will depend on the choices you make. This can make it stressful and overwhelming. Inexperience could lead to bad decisions. Asking others who are successful entrepreneurs for their thoughts on what they would do in your place is the best way to avoid this error. Ask them for assistance with specific tasks or projects, if possible. You can learn from their experience and not have to do it yourself.

3. Know your strengths & weaknesses

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make, is to try and do it all themselves. If you're feeling overwhelmed, it is possible to hire an employee or outsource the task. This will enable you to be more focused on what you love, making it easier for your business to succeed. You shouldn't be afraid to employ someone else if you have the required skills. This will help you save both time and money. Choose skilled workers who have the expertise to meet your needs, rather than cheap workers from low-income countries. It is common for people to have two jobs to cover their bills. However, you shouldn't use them as free labor and not receive any compensation. If you think something sounds too good to a be true, it probably is .

4. Learn from your mistakes, but don't dwell on them

There have been at least three or four wrong decisions for every good one I have made. It can be hard to learn from our own mistakes. However, it is possible with some effort. If you keep making the same mistakes over-and-over, it is worth taking some time out to reflect on your past and learn from them so that you can make improvements in the future. By doing this, you won't be as likely to make mistakes when an unexpected event occurs.

5. Take chances - there is no reward without risk

You have to accept that risk is part of your life. While some risks might not be worth, it and others may change your future forever. You need to understand the difference. I learned a lot about risk through sports betting and gambling with friends. The best lessons are learned when you win big. Even though luck played a major role in your success story, it is possible to learn valuable lessons through preparation and skill. Do not think you can only be successful if you take large risks. Smaller ones are still important to the upward trend.

6 Keep your eyes fixed on the big picture

It is easy to get distracted with the little things in our lives. These are more readily visible than their larger counterparts. These distractions can be anything, from a new smartphone or video game system to an expensive night with friends. It's difficult to justify these distractions when you have a business venture. Don't let regret hold you back. It will only lead to future decline. You must remember that success takes time. Most entrepreneurs make significant changes over the course of years.

7. Be aware of how you use your time

The average person spends more than four hours a day watching television and two and half hours each on the computer. Although both can be very beneficial for you, you should not allow these devices to control your life. If you notice yourself becoming more anxious or stressed when you are in front of either of these devices for an extended amount of time, you should get away from them to ensure you don't get lost in endless entertainment that won't help your budding company venture. 

8. Always continue to learn and expand your knowledge.

When working at a job you are responsible for paying your employer for the services they provide. It's not always possible to have this situation in an entrepreneurial setting. In many cases, it is up to you make sure all your bases are covered in terms education and skill sets. Before I started my own business, I was unaware of the amount that went into running it. Simple tasks such as creating contracts or keeping track of suppliers can easily consume hours. You don't have to be a slave to your computer all day, so you can learn new things regularly so that when an unexpected situation arises, you're not stuck scrambling to find the right solution. Simply determine the next steps. Only one life. Do not waste it!

9. Believe in your abilities enough to ask for assistance when you need it

Your greatest asset is your self. You can't rely on others to help you no matter how much they know or have experience. It means that if something is too hard for me to handle, I will ask someone close to me who has the knowledge to help me. Mickie's favorite quote sums it all perfectly: "If I don't try, then I'll never know." You may not get everything right the first time, but with enough trial and error you will be able to cover your bases.

10. Keep your values true and don't compromise them for others.

We all have a set or values that have helped shape us into the person we now are. This is how you will find your true identity. I thought my upbringing was holding my back from realizing my potential as an entrepreneur. However, some people around me kept insisting on telling me how wrong I was about everything. After taking a step back and realizing that it wasn't, I discovered that their suggestions were based more upon fear than anything (fears of failure or change). Do not allow anyone to tell you that your goals will not be possible or are too difficult to reach.

11. Work with smarter people than you.

This lesson is the most important I've learned in my career as an entrepreneur. While it is important to surround yourself only with people who will accomplish your goals, there will always come a time when you are challenged by a new idea. This doesn't necessarily mean that they're trying hold you back. It just means that, instead of viewing them as competitors, maybe working together would be more fruitful. There is no progress when everyone on a team has their own ideas. It's impossible to achieve anything if they don't do things the way they see fit. Don't let your pride get in the path of success. You might be surprised at the possibilities people can create!

12. Be humble and never forget where you came.

I grew to be a young man in a small, rural town that knew just what it took to survive. Some of them had to work two or three jobs to make rent payments on time. This is something I know because my mother was one such person long before she met her father. This isn't easy, but it's worth it. Knowing that you're doing the best for your family is what makes it worthwhile. It doesn't matter what age we are, we all need to support our loved ones through difficult times. It's important to be humble and not forget who you are and where you came. It is difficult to see this when times are hard, but if you don't take the time to look back and appreciate how far you've come, then you won't realize what success really means.

13. Be grateful for all that you have and don't ever take it for granted

My family was poor when I was growing up. Being thankful is a fundamental part of who I am today. While we might have had the minimum necessities, these were only a few of the many things that we earned through hard work. Today, it's not necessary to worry about becoming hungry or not being able to get new clothes. However, gratitude should never diminish. Showing appreciation to others is a great way to start. Your life is more enjoyable the happier you are at all times.


You shouldn't allow anyone to make your goals impossible. If they do it is time to find new people who will help you move forward.

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