13 Signs That You Are a Scammer at Money and What You Can Do About It

Are you a pro at managing your finances or do you just squander it? Continue reading to learn some money-saving tips.

13 Signs That You Are a Scammer at Money and What You Can Do About It

It’s either been said or heard… “I suckat money!”

You might not even know it, but you are always broke. Today we have 15 signs that you suck at the money (and how to fix it).

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01: don’t be afraid to admit that you are screwed up

Instead of confronting your financial woes head-on, you decide to hide your head in the sand and hope that the problem will disappear. It doesn’t get any better for Alexis. The debt keeps increasing and the problem only gets worse.

Don’t waste your time and get help from a professional. It will not make a difference how much you are paying for your appointments. Instead, use your credit wisely to get help.

02: Your behavior will not change your finances.

Repeating the same thing over and over again is not going to produce different results. If you are stuck in an online shopping cycle when you feel low, it is unlikely that you will change. You could also try walking or calling a friend to get out of the cycle of online shopping when you feel low.

Winston Churchill once said that “To Improve is To Change”, and that “To Be Perfect Is To Change Often.”

03:You feel deprived if you don’t have something

It’s called “keeping up with Jones’s” and “FOMO”, but the root of it is the same: You fear that you’ll be deprived if you don’t have enough.

Aluxers can have serious psychological problems and may need intervention. But it is worth trying to find a place where you are grateful for all that you have.

04: Your Family is a Money Sucker

You can’t blame your genes for it. However, we mirror the things we have been exposed to. There’s a good chance that your family is bad at managing their finances.

We advise that you acknowledge the influence of your family on your money attitude and take steps to solve your financial problems.

You can’t go wrong if you seek professional assistance.

05: You say you don’t have time to budget

It’s impossible to make anything worthwhile quickly or easily without putting in the effort… and that goes for money. Understandably, you are busy, but you waste so much time not doing it.

Investopedia states, “Having a budget helps you keep your spending under control and ensures that your savings are set up for the future.”

06: You Feel Uncomfortable Talking About Money

Money’s problem is not only that it’s difficult to talk about, but also because we are taught from a young age it’s rude to discuss it. It is rude to discuss someone’s financial situation, including how much they have saved, earned, or lost. It’s taboo… it’s a no-go zone and that, Aluxers is a suck.

We can’t fix the wrongs if we don’t talk about our finances. Don’t do it again. Take our advice, break it and talk openly and honestly about your money…or lack thereof.

07: You don’t know your net worth from your capital gains

Let’s face it, these are not the things they teach you in school. It’s not surprising that many people feel overwhelmed by financial terminology and finances.

What can you do to change this? Keep learning and improving your knowledge. You can watch videos, read articles and listen to audio, especially “Personal finance in your 20s and 30s for Dummies” by Eric Tyson. You can download it for free at alux.com/freebook.

08: You Don’t Make Enough Income

Aluxers have nothing to be ashamed of. Saving money is impossible if you don’t have enough money.

Make an Excel spreadsheet with your net income and subtract all expenses. What do you have left? You can either cut back, find a better job, or start a side business if you are in arrears.

We have a forthcoming article titled “15 Ways to Start a Business Even if You Have No Money” that will give you some tips on how to start a business.

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09: You Believe That You Deserve Every Purchase

You work hard. You work hard. It is important to reward hard work with something exciting and new. You are wrong. Just because you work hard does not mean that you should spend all of your hard-earned money.

While you should treat yourself from time to time, what you need, more than any material purchase, you must take our money advice and create a budget that works best for you and leaves less stress at the end of each month.

10: You have Zero for Every Emergency

It’s sometimes referred to as money for rainy days, but in reality, it’s just money to help you get out of unanticipated sh*t.

It is impossible to avoid unexpected expenses. Even the most meticulous planners are not immune to unexpected expenses. Although the size of an emergency fund can vary from person to person and financial expert Suze Orman recommends at least three months to cover your living expenses if you lose your job suddenly, one person should have enough money to last that long.

11: You Love a Deal

You’ll be lured by sales signs promising amazing discounts like a moth towards a flame. You grab the deal of your life, but before you know it you have a trolley full of items at ridiculously low prices that you will never use.

Aluxers, you have done nothing. You’ve only wasted your time and money. You can always go to our previous advice and take a walk or call a friend if you have trouble with money-wasting.

12: You can jump from one “Get Rich Quick” scheme to another

People can’t keep up with the current work you are doing. It changes just as frequently as Covid regulations. And, just like Covid regulation — you don’t know what is legitimate and what isn’t.

People who lack a goal, which is hard work and dedication, are more likely to be savages of money.

Choose a path, set financial goals and a timeline. Then, work steadily towards achieving them. Follow this money advice to reap the rewards of your hard work.

13: You think winning the lottery will change your financial situation?

It won’t, and it will never happen.

Why would we say this? You can’t manage small budgets. How are you going to manage large budgets?

While you’re likely to indulge in some big purchases, the money will trickle through your fingers just like sand through an hourglass.

Don’t focus on winning the Lotto, but instead, think about your end goal.

Suze Orman states, “The only way to permanently control your financial life” is to get to the root of the problem.

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