14 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Without Spending Any Money

If you’re looking for a way to grow your Instagram following without spending any money, then this article is for you. In this post, we’ll discuss 14 different ways that you can use to grow your account and increase engagement with minimal or no cost at all!

14 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Without Spending Any Money

1. Tag your posts with relevant hashtags to increase engagement.

Hashtags are an easy way to keep your posts interesting and interactive. By adding relevant hashtags, you’ll increase the chances that you will get more likes and comments on your posts.

The most popular hashtags are usually related to a specific theme, which is what makes them so effective at increasing engagement. For example, if I’m posting an image of my dog, #dogsofinstagram or #puppies would be great tags! To find relevant and popular hashtags for your images just do some research by searching Instagram with keywords like “your topic + hashtag” (your topic being whatever you want people to see when they search).

2. Use a photo editing app like Snapseed to edit photos before posting them on Instagram.

With over 300 million monthly active users, Instagram is the perfect place to share your visual content. However, if you’re not using a photo editing app like Snapseed for Android or iOS before posting it on Instagram then people are probably going to scroll right past! If you want more engagement and likes on your posts, I suggest adding some filters with an editing app.

Snapseed lets me quickly edit my photos so they look great in both color versions as well as black & white versions of them. It also has several features that allow me to change aspects of my images such as contrast, brightness, saturation, and structure (exposure). When one feature changes something about the image all other settings will update automatically based on the one I’m adjusting.

3. Post more than one picture in a row.

Instagram is a visual platform, so posts with more than one image in them will get more attention! At the end of each photo post on Instagram, there’s an option to add another picture. If you do this then your content won’t be cut short and people are less likely to scroll past it. (I know I don’t like scrolling past lots of images.)

4. Respond when someone comments on your post by liking or commenting back.

Responding to the comments left on your posts is a great way to engage with people that have already liked or commented! When you respond, it shows them that their message was important enough for you to stop scrolling and give some attention. Responding can even double someone’s chances of liking your post again in the future — all they need do is check back after posting something new and see if anyone responded.

5. Follow other accounts that share the same interests as you do, then interact with their content too.

Just like responding to comments is beneficial, so too can following other accounts that share the same interests. You could follow an account about travel and then go on their page once you get more followers yourself! This way people will be seeing your posts in their feed because they followed a similar account — hopefully giving your content the exposure it deserves!

6. Comment on other people’s posts and follow them if they’re not following you back yet!

Commenting on other people’s posts is a great way to start an interaction as it shows that you’re interested in what they’ve posted. The best part about this tactic is that the person doesn’t need to follow your account for you to see their post and comment! If someone has commented on your photo then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t return the favor and like or comment back. By doing so, both parties will be able to view each others’ content which can lead them to click ‘follow’.

7. use storie to post your Instagram photos as stories.

Instagram introduced a new feature called ‘Stories’ which allows users to post short videos and images that last for only 24 hours! This makes it a great way to share content without having the pressure of keeping up with a regular instastory or posting multiple times throughout the day. It can also be used in combination with other tactics mentioned here, such as liking and commenting on other people’s posts, since you’ll then have more time to interact if they respond at any point after viewing your story — all within one app instead of jumping between different ones!

8. use geotags to include location information.

When you’re at a place of interest, using the ‘geotag’ feature allows other Instagram users to see your photos if they are searching for pictures about that specific area! You can add geolocation tags in two ways: either by adding them directly when uploading an image or video (just make sure it’s enabled in the settings first), and/or selecting one from your list of previous locations under “Edit Location” before publishing.

9. Share Instagram posts on other social media platforms.

Instagram is a great platform for sharing content on your own, but why not get the most out of it by promoting some of your best photos through other popular channels? This can be done easily with apps like Buffer or Hootsuite which allow you to schedule messages across multiple networks at once! I recommend doing this if there are specific times when people would be more likely to see your post — such as during lunchtime while they’re scrolling through Facebook and Twitter.

10. join an Instagram pod to gain more exposure and followers.

Pods are a great way to support each other as fellow content creators! They can be formed by friends or strangers who all share common interests, such as travel photography or fashion blogging for example. Once you find the right group of people it’s like having your little team that works together towards your personal goals through likes and comments on posts (and even following each others’ accounts too) — making sure they don’t miss out on anything important happening in their feed!

11. create a story highlight to form a collage.

Highlights are another new feature on Instagram allowing users to create their personalized galleries! It’s essentially like creating a story, but it’s just kept separate from your regular one. You can design this by either choosing images and videos manually or letting the app do all the work for you based on what you’ve been posting lately! Once done, simply click ‘next’ at the bottom of the screen to save as a highlight.

12. use activity stickers to encourage engagement.

Another great way for Instagram users to interact with each other is through the use of ‘activity or ‘poll’ stickers! These can be added in comments (before or after posting an image) and allow others to answer them by selecting one of three options — much like when you’re taking a poll on Facebook Messenger. They are really simple to set up too, but if you’d prefer I recommend using third-party apps such as PollsForIG instead which has many different types available than just yes/no questions!

13. repost other people’s photos.

Reposting or programming is a great way to give credit where it’s due and show support for fellow content creators, especially those from the same niche as you who share their unique style of photography! If they have a high follower count already then this will also help them gain more exposure — in turn, making room for your account too since reposts are usually seen by others if someone else has shared that post with their audience first.

14. participate in giveaways.

Instagram is also a great platform for hosting your contests, so why not get involved? You can either do this yourself or find other users who are already doing it by searching hashtags such as #giveaway and #competition on the app! I recommend taking advantage of these while they’re running since entering consecutively may be seen as spam — especially if you don’t win anything at all after participating several times over.

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