6 Ways You Can Make Money with YouGov

YouGov is a research company that specializes in conducting panels and surveys. The online tool features many different ways to make money, including completing surveys, redeeming points for prizes, playing games with other users, and more!

6 Ways You Can Make Money with YouGov
 In this blog post, we are going to discuss the 6 best ways you can make money with YouGov.

1. Join YouGov.

YouGov allows you to participate in polls on topics of general interest for about 10–15 minutes every month. When the app asks a question, you answer it honestly and your response is one of many that will be used during a poll.

Go to the website’s homepage at https://www.yougov.com/register or tap on “join now” from within the App Store or Google Play apps console pane
if you have Apple devices) Select your language#Tap “sign-up” Fill out the form with an email address and password #Tap “continue filling information” Fill out those fields carefully #Select country background Tap “Create my account!” button.

2. Complete surveys on the site.

One of the best ways to make money on YouGov is by completing surveys. With this method, you will be rewarded with points that can then be redeemed for prizes. Each survey has a different amount of time required and pays differently as well — some pay up to $20 per hour! The minimum threshold needed before payment is collected from your account is 200 points which equal about 50 dollars (YouGov calculates its point system based on dollar values). If you do not have an account yet it’s free to create one so go ahead and sign up now if you haven’t already! To complete a survey, simply click on “take a new poll” from within your profile. Once there, choose out of the many available polls on different topics of your choice. Click “next” once you are ready to answer some questions about yourself, and then click “submit responses” when done!

3. Earn points for completing surveys, referrals, and offers

You can earn points by completing surveys, referrals, and offers. A referral is when your friend joins YouGov as well for an additional 100 bonus points — so be sure to tell them about the app! There are many different ways to gain these extra points: purchasing “bonus” packs (which cost 99 cents), participating in a survey even though you weren’t selected to participate, and finishing an offer during registration. If you want more free money just complete some of those quick tasks! Below is a description of all three methods:

  • Purchasing bonus packs: can be purchased for 100 points and will reward you with 200 bonus points (although the app recommends that you do not purchase more than 1000 per month). You must have at least 50,000 credits to redeem.
  • Participating in a survey even though you were not selected: will cost 250 credits but will reward you with 500 points.
  • Completing offers during registration: this method costs 100 credits but will give 1000 bonus points. You can do up to 20 at a time, and are available for most countries except the United States of America!

4. Redeem your points for cash or rewards.

When you have accumulated at least 200 points, the app will send a notification to your email! You can then choose if you want cash or “prizes” — which are essentially just more surveys. To redeem for money go into “my account” and click on “redeem.” From there choose your country of origin as well as how much you would like to receive (the minimum is USD 20). Once done it’s time to pick what kind of prize/survey option that best suits your needs:

  • Cash: simply enter your bank account information and you will be sent a check in the mail! It takes about two weeks to process. You must request payment at least once every six months or else that cash is gone forever (remember how we talked about 200 points not being enough for one payout? Now it makes sense why).
  •  Prize: these surveys always win, but they usually require more of an investment on your part such as completing offers, taking pictures with certain products, etc. Rewards include things like gift cards to major stores such as Amazon and Walmart.
  • Cash: PayPal, Payza, Visa debit card, and bank transfer options available with various amounts depending on countries and currencies accepted. It takes up to 48 hours before payment begins processing so be patient!

5. Refer friends to the site who are interested in earning money online.

To get a referral, click on the “refer friends” tab from your profile. From there you can either write in an email address or give them your unique link which is found under “invite friends” and then click the green button that says copy. Once they have signed up for YouGov using this link, 100 points will automatically be added to both of your accounts! If you do not yet have a PayPal account it’s easy enough — just sign up during registration and enter one when prompted later on by YouGov asking for bank information! It does take about 48 hours before payment begins processing so patience is key until then.

6. Create a blog post about ways to make money with YouGov and earn commission from views on your article.

With YouGov, you can make money by writing articles for them and earning commission off the views on your article- which means that if people want to read what’s in it then they’ll have to pay up!

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