7 ways to grow your small business

To be successful in business, it is crucial to generate new business through growing your customer base. But it can sometimes be extremely difficult.

7 ways to grow your small business

Here are some useful tips to help grow your customer base.

1. Get to know customers

You can understand your customers and create products and services that address them. By personalizing your services, and inviting your customers to share their feedback with you, you can gain insight into your customers.

2. Offer great customer service

Make sure your customer service is outstanding and go above and beyond to make it memorable. Great service will be remembered by your customers and they will refer others to you.

3. Keep existing customers happy and search for new opportunities

Plan strategies to maintain existing customers. This could include keeping in touch via enewsletter or informing them about promotional events.

While you are looking for more work, be open to opportunities to grow your customer base and get more work. Find the perfect balance between caring for customers and seeking out new ones.

If you own or operate an Aboriginal business you can also promote your business by taking advantage of a free listing on the Aboriginal Business Directory Western Australia (ABDWA). Many private and state government agencies are seeking to work with Aboriginal business owners.

4. Make use of social media

Social media is an effective tool to market your business to customers. Social listening can help you find out what customers have to say about you. It also allows you to gain insight into the behaviour of your customers, identify keywords, trends, and improve your customer service. Social media can help build your brand and attract new customers.

5. Give back to your community

A great way to attract new customers is to build brand awareness in your local area. You can raise your business profile by sponsoring or participating in community events.

6. Take part in networking events

Spend time building your networks. It’s not how much you know but who.

Networking can help you build relationships and encourage others to refer customers to your company through word of mouth.

7. Host events

Hosting your own event can help you get to know your customers better and strengthen your relationships. Invite your most loyal customers to join you and encourage them with their friends.

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