8 Instagram Marketing Tips Will Fuel Your Small Business

Do you want to learn how to use Instagram for your small business? There are a lot of great photo-sharing apps out there, but Instagram is one of the most popular. In this article, we will talk about why you should be using Instagram and some tips that will help get you started!

 8 Instagram Marketing Tips Will Fuel Your Small Business

1. Create a consistent and recognizable brand.

This is one of the most important things to do when starting! Make sure that you have a strong and consistent brand across all your social media platforms. This means having the same colors, fonts, and logos on each platform so people can recognize them easily. It also helps make it easier for users who want to share any of your material with their friends or followers because they know what you will look like when they find it again later.

2. Use hashtags to increase engagement.

Hashtags are a great way to increase engagement with your posts.
When done correctly hashtags can help you get more exposure and reach! For them to be successful in this task, they should relate both the content of your post as well as its location (where you might have taken the photo). This will allow people who might not even know about or follow you yet to find out about what you’re posting and engage because they see something interesting. It also helps show off where exactly your photos were taken if someone happens upon them through an unexpected hashtag search.

3. Host contests for your followers to enter and win prizes.

Hosting contests is a great way to get people involved and active on your Instagram page. Not only does this help you gain exposure, but it also helps keep users interested and coming back for more!
A common contest idea can be as simple as asking fans to tag someone they think would enjoy the photo or post. This gets other people engaged because they want their friends to win too (and maybe even follow them if tagged) while also increasing awareness of who you are and what kind of content that you’re posting since others will start seeing those hashtags around.

4. Use location tags on posts to highlight where you are based or what’s happening in the post.

Location tags are a great way to show off where your posts were taken or what event you’re attending (if the photo is from one).
This helps increase engagement by showing users exactly where they can go if they want to be at that same spot for themselves. Also, since these photos will naturally have hashtags associated with them, it makes it easier for people who might not know about your Instagram page yet but don’t follow anyone else, in particular, to find out about and follow you!

5. Use photos that are relevant to your brand and not just random pictures of food or scenery.

Using images that help promote the image you’re trying to portray is important when it comes to marketing on Instagram! This includes using images that represent what people might expect from following your page, whether this is an item/product or something about yourself (like how you look in a certain place).
This helps generate interest because it shows others exactly who they can follow if they want more posts like these! It also gives them insight into who you are as a person outside social media so that even if they don’t end up taking part in any contests down the line there will still be other reasons for them to back. 

6. Post consistently and at the same time each day to create a schedule for your fans.

 with any social media platform, consistency is key when it comes to marketing on Instagram!
This helps generate interest because you will be posting regularly without going days or weeks in between posts which can make people forget about you. It also increases engagement by providing them with consistent content that they know they’ll like (rather than random images that aren’t relevant) since this makes it easier for users who only want to follow pages of items/products similar to those pictured before cutting out all other noise from their feeds. This means more followers and likes as well as increased exposure through word-of-mouth recommendations! 

7. Use good-quality photos that are clear and easy to see to maintain engagement.

This is an obvious one, but it can’t be stressed enough!
You don’t want your posts to end up blurry or unclear because these create less interest when people look at them (not everyone has time for this) which means fewer likes/followers. It also makes the content harder to understand if someone happens upon it through hashtag searches so you might not get much attention from potential new followers who would have otherwise liked what they say otherwise! 
You should use high-quality images taken by yourself with a clean background, proper lighting, etc. This will help ensure that each photo looks professional while still being engaging since there won’t be a lot of unnecessary clutter around the subject matter!

8. Tag big names to increase exposure and potentially get a shout-out from them.

Tagging people in your posts is a great way to engage with others who might not be following you yet! This helps generate interest because it shows that even if they don’t know about the post, there are still other people online engaging with what you’re putting up which could convince potential new followers that this page is worth checking out since other users find it interesting enough for their followings.
It also increases engagement by showing how many “big” names take part in posting on Instagram so why can’t they? If done right (meaning tagging rather than @mentioning), any accounts tagged will often see these mentions which means more attention overall!

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