9 Ways to Use Contentful in 2021

The content management industry is changing rapidly, and this is especially true for the enterprise. Contentful has changed the way that many companies manage their digital assets by providing an easy-to-use platform with excellent customer service. 

9 Ways to Use Contentful in 2021

This blog post will highlight 9 ways that you can use Contentful in 2021 to ensure your company stays on top of these changes!

1. Content Marketing and SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical part of any successful marketing strategy. As Google continues to roll out updates that make content more important, it’s clear that we need an easy way to update our sites with relevant information for users — regardless of the device they are using. Contentful allows you to find your audience by creating custom collections for each type of media, making sure consumers get what they want when they search. With automation features like automatic hyperlinking and sharpening tools, this process becomes even easier!

2. Website and App Management.

Now more than ever, companies need a way to organize their digital assets. Contentful allows you to easily manage media across your entire stack — from products on sale in the store all the way up through marketing materials. Whether it’s images for social media or copyediting articles for publication, Contentful provides each team member with complete control of every asset as if they were using Dropbox!

3. Collaboration and Feedback.

It’s important for companies to be able to get feedback from their customers. The best way to do this is by creating a community around your brand that encourages conversation, allowing you to see what people are saying about the things that matter most! Contentful makes it easy for users of all levels — from entry-level employees up through executives — to collaborate on content in real-time so everyone can stay involved.

4. Multi-channel Publishing.

One of the biggest pitfalls for companies who are trying to stay on top of industry changes is publishing their own content. Not only do they have to worry about updating current assets, but they need a way to create new ones that engage customers across multiple devices and mediums! Contentful makes it easy by providing teams with complete control over web copywriting, social media posts, images for ads & more. This flexibility means you can put out quality materials without having your team spend hours creating one image after another!

5. Personalization.

When it comes to digital content, companies are starting to realize that they need a way of engaging consumers with their products on an individual level. Contentful gives you the power to create custom templates for specific users based on any criteria you want! This means your marketing materials will be targeted towards buyers who have already expressed interest in your product or service — making sure nobody is left out when they go looking for new information about what you offer.

6. E-commerce.

The eCommerce industry is changing. Now that consumers are starting to get more comfortable with purchasing things online, companies need a way of staying relevant in the market through these channels. Contentful gives you complete control over your sales by providing an easy-to-use platform for managing inventory updates and order fulfillment! Whether it’s updating prices or tracking new products on sale, this kind of automation will make sure customers always have access to what they want without having to wait around all day long!

A) User Management

As users become increasingly involved in content creation across multiple devices, there needs to be a better system for keeping track of who does what at any given time — especially when it comes down to billing purposes. Contentful provides the power of automation by streamlining processes on both sides of the transaction. On one end, you can create different users for each department with varying degrees of access. And on the other side, your team members will be able to pay quickly and securely without having to worry about third-party fees!

B) Dynamic Updates

Now more than ever, companies are putting out new content every day across multiple digital channels. A system like this requires a way of keeping things up-to-date no matter how often they change — which is where dynamic updates come in handy! With this tool at your disposal, teams can easily update web copy or product descriptions through an API so customers always have access to the latest information as soon as it’s available.

C) Client Reporting

One of the biggest challenges for any business is being able to accurately measure ROI on marketing initiatives. Contentful provides this power by automating reporting features, which makes it easy for users to see how their investment in content pays off through increased sales opportunities! You can track things like engagement rates & average time spent reading across different platforms so that you always know what kind of return are getting on your efforts.

D) Sharing Assets Across Teams and Departments

The more assets a company has, the harder it becomes to keep everyone up-to-date with changes when they happen — especially if there isn’t an automated way of doing so! With Contentful, there’s a single place for all of your content so that nobody has to worry about updating things in different places. This central control point makes it easy for stakeholders across multiple departments to work with one another by creating and tracking changes from the same location!

7. Marketing Automation.

In the past, companies have always been at a disadvantage when it came to being able to track their marketing efforts through channels like social media. Contentful provides the ability for users to see how different posts perform as soon as they’re published so that you can easily adjust your strategy whenever necessary! This kind of feedback loop will keep teams running more efficiently by knowing exactly where and why customers are engaging with certain content — which is key if brands want to avoid wasting time on things that don’t work.

8. Integrations.

If you’re already using a content management system, it can be very time-consuming to manually switch between platforms whenever things need updating. Contentful solves this problem by integrating directly with your existing workflow through an API so there are no limitations when it comes to where and how changes take place! This way, teams will always have quick access to the latest information without having to worry about whether or not everything is up-to-date in one central location — which cuts down on wasted effort that could potentially cost you money.

A) Article Posting Workflow Management

Building trust takes hard work & consistency over long periods of time. The more trustworthy brands are perceived as being within their industry, the easier they are for customers to choose over the competition. Contentful helps users engage their audience by providing powerful features like Article Posting Workflows, which allows teams to plan out future content in advance and deliver it on a schedule that works best for everyone.

B) Custom Fields & Meta Data

One of the biggest pain points marketers face is not having access to enough data about what’s working (and what isn’t!) within their organization. But with our dynamic fields feature, you can make sure this information is always available whenever you need it! This kind of flexibility lets your team quickly change how they use assets at any time without worrying about whether or not things work properly — which makes life easier when trying to achieve specific business goals.

C) Content Recommendations

As a marketer, it’s always important to think of new ways you can engage with your audience on an ongoing basis. This is why Contentful provides users with their own personal recommendations engine that will suggest content topics for them based on what they are currently reading! Not only does this feature help brands stay up-to-date but it also makes the entire process more efficient by eliminating wasted effort & time — and if done correctly, could even increase traffic to specific pieces of content which might otherwise go unnoticed!

D) Client Reporting Features: ROI Tracking & Analytics Data Automation

Optimizing marketing campaigns takes hard work — especially when there isn’t enough data about what’s working & what isn’t! But with Contentful, you can easily track your ROI from the same place where other business data is stored so that teams have a clear idea of how successful their efforts are. This lets marketers know when it might be time to make adjustments or try something new — which could help them achieve higher levels of success in less time while still delivering great content!

E) Team Collaboration: Cross-Departmental Communication Management

Every member of a marketing team brings unique skillsets and experiences to the table — making it vital for all stakeholders across an organization to work together towards achieving common goals. With tools like our Meeting Dashboard, users get visibility into everything going on within different departments so that everyone is on the same page at all times. This helps teams avoid wasting time or resources while also improving overall productivity & efficiency!

F) Multi-Language Content Management: Translate Your Marketing Materials for Global Reach

Thinking globally can be a great way to expand your reach, but it’s important not to forget about regional differences in language and culture when making this kind of move. That’s why our content management system lets you translate text into any language without having to manually retype everything words by word — which saves time, effort & money during international marketing campaigns! By using tools like these, brands are able to generate more leads with less effort than ever before — even they only target one specific country.

G) Upload Images Directly to Contentful with our Image Editing Tools for Better Visual Marketing Integration

Having the option to upload images directly through your CMS is one of those features that most marketers never even know they needed until it’s available! This kind of functionality lets users quickly resize, crop or edit media files before adding them into their content — which saves time & money whenever new pieces are created/updated on a regular basis. By doing this, companies can ensure all marketing materials contain the latest information while also giving themselves more opportunities to engage existing leads without spending too much time in post-production processes first!

9 Content Entry: No More Copy/Paste.

When creating content for your website, there are a lot of different places you might need to get information from — and that’s where Contentful can really shine! By using our powerful import tools, users can cut down on the time it takes to add new items by pulling data directly into their CMS instead of needing to copy & paste things like product descriptions or other types of text. This not only saves marketers lots of time when working with existing pieces but also helps teams generate more leads through personalized outreach while staying organized at all times!

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