The affiliate marketing industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. With so many networks available, choosing which one to join can be difficult. This article outlines seven top networks to join in 2022.

How does affiliate marketing work? What makes an affiliate network successful?

What are the top affiliate networks to join in the future? Let’s find out together.

Why should I join an affiliate network?


An affiliate program works on commission basis—the longer you remain active in the network, the higher your earnings become. An affiliate network offers various products and services that its affiliates promote for a fee. Some programs pay commissions straight away, while others may reward you based on the amount of sales generated by referrals or transactions.


Affiliate networks offer several advantages over traditional affiliate models. For example, you don’t have to pay upfront to join an affiliate program, nor do you need any previous experience to sign up.

Furthermore, you get access to thousands of quality products, and if you do manage to generate traffic, you’ll receive rewards for each sale or transaction.

Many affiliate programs offer multiple payment methods, allowing you to maximize your revenue. This means you won’t be limited by your bank account balance or credit card limit.

Moreover, you can easily switch between multiple affiliate programs without any hassle. Most affiliate programs provide tools such as auto-responders, email autoresponders, analytics software, tracking links, and shopping carts.

In addition, you can reach millions of potential customers. Affiliate programs often offer partnerships with online retailers, popular news websites, blog publishers, eCommerce platforms, and other major players in the digital world.

As these partners continue to grow, so will your earning potential. At the same time, you’ll be able to tap into the growing demand for digital content and expand your customer base.

So, if you want to make money online via affiliate programs, here are the top affiliate networks that you can join right now.

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the most trusted affiliate marketing networks available to online marketers worldwide.

This company was founded in 1996 and has grown to include hundreds of brands within its portfolio. Today, Amazon Associates boasts over 500 million users across its multi-platform platform.

With a vast array of products to choose from, Amazon Associates provides opportunities for anyone to become an affiliate partner.

Amazon Associates is known for offering great commissions and lucrative bonuses. As an affiliate partner, you’ll regularly earn 20% on every purchase made by customers who click on your link/banner.

There are no restrictions regarding the number of items that you can list under your banner, nor do you need to invest any capital upfront.

2. ShareASale

ShareASale is another reputable affiliate network. Founded in 2001, ShareASale offers a robust selection of brand name products and services.

Over the years, this company has expanded and evolved to include numerous verticals and categories. They currently operate in 19 countries, including Australia, UK, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, and Russia.

Today, ShareASale hosts more than 1,300 brands from leading vendors including Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, HP Inc., Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Canon, Microsoft, Dixons, Tesco, Nike, and Panasonic.



3. CJ Affiliates Network

CJ Affiliates Network is yet another renowned affiliate network boasting over 2,000 companies and 6,000 products.

This affiliate network was first launched in November 2007. Since then, it has been consistently expanding its clientele base and product listings.

They currently operate in over 50 markets and 22 languages around the globe. With offices located in North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, CJ Affiliates Network caters to businesses big or small.

As an affiliate partner, you can earn commissions by promoting CJ Affiliates Network’s wide range of products and services. These include travel deals, flight tickets, hotel rooms, cruises, and car rentals.

While we recommend using this affiliate network due to their large product catalog, high rates, and excellent user interface, they also offer very generous referral fees. Therefore, there's good reason to use them for your business as well.

4. Commission Junction

Commission Junction is another reliable affiliate network with a wealth of options. It was established in 1997 by Internet entrepreneur Michael Aresty.

Since then, this company has continued to develop and evolve to meet the needs of online advertisers. Today, this affiliate network operates in 80+ markets and 25 languages around the world.

The average payout rate for Commission Junction affiliates is 20%. However, their payout rates vary depending on the type of item being promoted. If you’re interested in learning about their payout rates, you can visit this page.

5. LinkConnector

LinkConnector is among the oldest affiliate networks operating since 1999. The company specializes in linking people searching for products or services to merchants selling those products and services.

Through their website, they allow third party sites and bloggers to connect with merchants. In return, they charge a flat fee per lead.

Their affiliate program allows you to earn 35%-70% (average) commissions on sales generated by their web leads. Their affiliate program is operated through a unique affiliate portal which makes it easier to monitor and manage your campaigns.

To learn more about the affiliate program offered by LinkConnector, please check out our full review report.

6. CPAX Affiliate Program

CPAX Affiliate Program is a fairly new affiliate network with a great reputation. Established in 2012, the company offers affiliate programs to both individuals and businesses.

They specialize in providing affiliate networks that focus on specific niches. One of their notable features includes their ability to track conversion rates.

By doing so, they ensure affiliates are paid according to the performance of their campaigns. Another advantage of this affiliate network is that they offer various types of banners, text links, images, video footer ads, and popunders.

You can either opt for standard banners or image/video banners. Image/video banners display a single static image or short video clip on the ad unit, whereas standard banners feature a continuous stream of content.

However, keep in mind that image/video Banners require additional investment in terms of bandwidth and storage space.

On the flip side, image/video Banners allow you to target highly engaged audiences, thereby increasing CTR and conversion rates. We suggest starting with standard banners before moving on to image/video banners.


Media.Net is an independent affiliate advertising network that connects media buyers and sellers. Its goal is to build a better relationship between online publishers and advertisers.

Media.Net provides its users with several tools that help them increase conversions and revenue. These include the ability to create custom landing pages, track campaign results, and optimize banner advertisements.

As one of the most popular affiliate networks, Media.Net pays up to 50% commission on all sales made through its platform.

If you want to join this affiliate network, you will need to apply directly via their website. You may also be required to pass a rigorous screening process.

This means that only high-quality websites will be accepted into the network.

In addition, if you plan to promote any product or service from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Rakuten, etc., you must first get approval from these companies. This is because they own certain products and services that they do not want to see promoted on other platforms.


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