The affiliate marketing industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. It's now more important than ever to choose the right affiliate program for your business or brand.

If you're thinking about building an affiliate marketing website, you may ask yourself whether you should join the affiliate program of a big web property or go directly to the source and attempt to sign up for one of these programs yourself?

In this article, we'll share our thoughts on affiliate markets and point you towards the right choices for affiliates. We'll talk about how to find the most suitable program and share tips on choosing the best affiliate program for your website.

1. Amazon Associates Earnings

Amazon has become one of the leading online retailers, known for its massive selection of products. It offers users a huge variety of products ranging from electronics to fashion accessories. It also provides excellent customer service, fast shipping and low prices. However, Amazon does not offer any sort of affiliate program.

Amazon Prime members can access hundreds of thousands of videos from movies to documentaries, music, TV shows, and much more. They can stream them instantly using the Amazon Fire Stick device and access them anywhere using a browser connected to Wi-Fi. All purchases made via Amazon are eligible for free 2-day delivery. There are no minimum purchase requirements.

Prime membership costs $99 annually which gives you access to a whole range of benefits like free two-hour deliveries to select items, monthly discounts on Kindle books, a premium streaming video library and much more.

2. Commission Junction Earnings

 Commission Junction is another very popular affiliate network. It was founded in 1996 and since then has built a solid reputation among marketers and advertisers worldwide. This company offers over 20,000 merchants a complete platform to manage and grow their affiliate marketing campaigns.

It allows you to add a wide array of products and services such as physical products, digital downloads, ebooks, courses, events, tools, and more. Their commission rates vary depending upon the merchant category and sales volume. If you promote a broad range of products, then the higher commissions are achievable.

Its interface is simple to understand and navigate. You can view reports, track performance and plan your future promotions easily. It also enables you to integrate your social media accounts within the same dashboard.

3. ClickBank Earnings

Clickbank is the largest affiliate marketplace that helps sellers market their products and services. Millions of small businesses use it to reach millions of potential customers. It has been growing steadily since it was launched in 1999. According to data from 2009, there were approximately 18 million active affiliates and 80% of them had less than 1,500 transactions per month.

There are three main types of affiliates: Pay Per Sale (PPS), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost Per Lead (CPL). Some companies offer multiple types of CPA. PPS refers to the amount paid out each time someone makes a sale. It's similar to advertising where publishers pay for impressions. CPA means that affiliates receive payment based on the number of times a lead becomes a paying member. CPL means affiliates earn a fee every time a visitor leads to a subscription or registration form.

4. ShareASale Earnings

Shareasale was created in 2004 to give people access to quality content. For anyone interested in earning money through affiliate marketing, ShareASale is a good choice. Its commission rates depend upon sales and traffic volumes.

ShareASale hosts many well-known brands such as PropellerAds, EasyVideoClicker and others. These platforms allow visitors to create interactive advertisements, landing pages and emails. A lot of successful internet entrepreneurs started out by promoting their own unique products or services. Therefore, whenever you see an opportunity to promote a product or service, take advantage of it, and don't spend too much time worrying about whether or not you'll succeed.

5. Upwork Earnings

Upwork is yet another highly recommended affiliate network. It is perfect for those looking to earn extra income through working remotely. Many of these jobs require basic computer skills and are available in almost every country across the world.

Upwork works on a job-hopping model, so you can decide what to do next after completing a project. Just remember that you need to pass a test before being allowed to apply. Once approved, you will begin receiving assignments from clients.

6. Rakuten Affiliates Earnings

Rakuten is an international retail store chain that specializes in selling electronics, clothing, home goods, and food. The company operates under different names in different countries, including JD in Japan and Kobo in the US. It sells everything from appliances, cameras, computers, smartphones and tablets to apparel, cosmetics, and beverages.

Rakuten affiliates are paid according to the type of product being promoted. It has three levels of bonuses and each level comes with different commissions and referral fees. Rakuten pays its affiliates based on the sales they generate on the retailer’s behalf.

7. Teachable Earnings

Teachable teaches everyone from beginners to professionals how to make money blogging. This is a great resource for bloggers who want to monetize their blogs. You can choose to teach individuals or teams specific topics.

Teachable affiliates earn based on the number of students enrolled in each course. The more students enrolled in a class, the higher the payout. Most classes run for six weeks at a cost of $27 per student. After the completion of each class, affiliates earn 25 – 30% commission on the total sale price.

Teachable offers both standard and lifetime commissions. Lifetime commissions range from 5 – 20%. Standard commissions start at 3% and go all the way up to 15%.


- affiliate marketing programs is the best way to earn passive income online without any work..

- content creators/bloggers can also use this website to promote their products & services by simply signup & start earning now

- blog posts must be unique & quality not copied just scrapers

- original content is preferred

- affiliate managers have full control over their own affiliate program

- Flat rate is a payment system

- affiliate publisher program is free to join

- product category is optional

- product type is optional

- Green products are better

- Payment will be made via PayPal only

- No minimum payouts

- Payout is instant after successful referral

- Referral link is provided in every email

- Affiliate Marketing Programs are 100% safe & legit

- All payments are processed through secure gateway

- Payment proof is available within 24 hours

- Payment Proof is sent directly to your inbox



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