Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Drawing is easy for beginners. You don't need exceptional talent or high-end equipment to make a beautiful work of art. All you need is a pencil, some paper, and your imagination! Drawing can provide hours of entertainment in the form of doodles, sketches, and paintings. There are many easy drawing ideas that anyone can try out at home.

Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners

1. Draw a tree

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This easy drawing idea is perfect for beginners who have no drawing experience at all. Make a sketch of a tree using simple shapes and lines, for example, circles, to represent the leaves on the tree. It may be good to sketch the trunk before adding branches that extend out from it in different directions. You can try an extra challenge by shading your sketch by filling in dark areas with varying degrees of black or gray tones. Trying out different shades will help you better understand how light reflects off of one object when it comes from another source (such as sunlight). If you are up for more practice, draw other trees next to each other so that they resemble a forest!

2. Draw an apple

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What's a drawing without a straightforward subject like an apple? By starting with the outline of the fruit, you can create this easy drawing idea. You can add more lines to further define its shape, including curved and straight parts all the way from top to bottom. Remember that apples have different colors on their skin depending on what type of apple they are - try shading in your sketch with two or three shades for realism! If you get better at adding details, you can try adding patterns such as stripes or polka dots to your artwork as you go along.

3. Draw a flower

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If you're a beginner, you won't find a better way to create easy drawing ideas than this! It is a well-known fact that flowers are just about everyone's favorite easy subject. Starting with the outline of petals and stem (with leaves if desired), sketch out your design in as many simple shapes (such as circles) that will create your flower. If you want to make it look more realistic, you can also use different shades by adding darker areas around the outside edges for shading.

4. Draw the sun in the sky and watch it set behind mountains

Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners, Drawing Ideas for Beginners , Drawing Beginners ,

It doesn't get much easier than this when it comes to easy drawing ideas! Draw a circle at the top of your paper in order to represent the sun in the sky. Make a sketch of the mountains behind the sun as it sets, with simple lines that outline their shape. Shade them and add texture by using small circles for peaks or adding different tones of color on each side of the mountain range. If you'd like, you can add a few clouds above the sun to give it a sense of motion. Lastly, draw an "X" over the point where the sun is setting, so you don't forget about it! The next time you're tempted to drawing landscapes (and you're looking for easy subjects) try the waves - they're just as easy to draw and lend themselves well to other easy drawing ideas such as underwater life drawings or beach scenes.

5. Sketch out your favorite animal from memory or find one on google images

Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners, Drawing Ideas for Beginners , Drawing Beginners ,

This easy drawing idea is perfect for anyone who enjoys drawing animals. It is best to start by sketching out the main shape of your animal (such as a bear) using simple lines and conditions, such as circles, to represent parts of the body like ears and legs. It would be great if you could shade in those areas with light and dark tones so that they create shadows on one object coming from another nearby source, just like when you sketched the sun setting behind the mountains! You will be able to train your brain to see how different things interact visually by experimenting. Those of you who want more practice may want to find an easy-to-draw animal online (for example, a frog) and draw it next to all sorts of other accessible objects. Pets are great subjects since they are always posing for the camera.

6. Try drawing something new each day for 30 days straight

It is an easy drawing idea that is perfect for anyone who is looking for a challenge. Whenever you feel stuck, it is best just to try something new that is out of your comfort zone. In addition, if you sketch a different object each day, your brain will be trained to see how things relate to one another and can be used as practice before sketching more challenging objects (such as people or animals). You might want to write on the back of the drawing what you've drawn so you don't get it mixed up with all your other drawings - like trying 30 easy drawing ideas within thirty days, maybe even less time depending on how much free time you have!

And here are some tips:

  • You do not have to choose an easy subject. You can choose anything from shapes to lines to animals to people
  • Sketch the easy drawing idea in one continuous line without lifting your pencil off of paper!
  • Once you're done, erase the easy drawing idea from its original form and show it to friends or family (or upload it into an album)!


I hope these easy drawing ideas are easy for you to follow! It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to do art, so take your time with the process and have fun with it. If you would like to stay in touch on our blog page, you can read new posts about easy topics like shapes or lines that can be turned into other easy drawings if desired.

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