The types of content that attract organic traffic can vary depending on who you ask. But there are some common themes. This list includes 11 types of content that attract traffic.

1. Infographics

There are many types of content that attract organic traffic to websites. However, one thing remains constant - the quality of these posts has an impact on whether or not they rank highly in search engines.

In this article, we’ll look at 11 types of content that attract organically. We’ll also discuss why certain types of content perform better than others.


Infographic posts tend to rank higher in Google than any other type of content. This is due to the fact that infographics contain visual elements that humans find appealing.

This means that infographics are usually visually attractive, meaning they appeal to human eyes first. People click on images, links, and buttons more often than text.

So, infographics rank higher in search results. They also rank higher than blog posts and videos.

However, don't expect infographics to rank highly in Google without proper optimization. There are specific techniques that you can employ to optimize infographics for SEO success.


2. Case Studies

Case study posts tend to rank higher than any other type of post. Why? Because case studies provide valuable information that helps readers understand a topic.

For example, if you were writing a case study on the benefits of using WordPress, you would include details such as “WordPress makes it easier to add content to blogs”.

These kinds of posts provide value to readers and therefore rank higher than other types of posts.

3. How To Articles

How to articles are another popular type of content that attracts organic traffic. These posts typically consist of step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task.

They're generally written in plain language and include clear examples and diagrams.

Because they focus on providing practical advice, how to posts tend to rank higher. If you write a how to post, you should follow these guidelines:

  • • Include screenshots or illustrations whenever applicable.
  • • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs.
  • • Write concisely.
  • • Provide context and explanation wherever possible.
  • • Make sure to link back to the original source.


4. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are another type of content that attracts a significant amount of organic traffic. Videos are a great way to explain topics quickly and easily.

People love watching video tutorials, especially when they are short and simple.

Even though video tutorials are very effective, you still need to optimize them for SEO.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your video tutorial for SEO success:

• Add subtitles.

• Use a voice over.

• Optimize title tags and descriptions.

• Link to the page where you found the tutorial.

5. Q&A Posts

Q & A posts are a unique type of content because they combine answers to questions with comments from users.

When done properly, Q & A posts help answer common questions and problems.

Q & A posts tend to rank well in SERPs because they provide useful information to searchers.

To ensure that your Q & A posts rank well, here are some things to remember:

• Answer the question clearly.

• Be honest.

• Give credit where credit is due.

• Don't spam.

• Offer relevant information.

• Avoid plagiarism.

6. Podcasts

Podcasts are audio recordings of interviews conducted with experts about a given topic.

As podcasting continues to grow, more and more companies are starting to produce podcasts.

Some of these podcasts are free, while others charge subscribers for access.

Regardless of what kind of podcast you create, you should aim to publish consistently.

Publishing content regularly keeps visitors interested and encourages them to subscribe.

Once you've started publishing regular podcasts, you should continue doing so every week.

Why? Because people enjoy listening to new podcasts each week.

Podcasts are a great way to share knowledge and expertise. As such, they tend to rank well in search results.

7. Blog Comments

Blog comments are another type of content people read.

Comments allow readers to interact with authors and other commenters.

It's no surprise then that blog comments tend to rank very well in search results. After all, they give readers something extra to do.

While there are lots of different types of blog comment platforms available, most offer similar features.

Most of these platforms allow users to leave their own comments on the site. Some allow users to vote up or down other comments.

Many also allow users to reply directly to individual comments.

Allowing comments on your website gives readers a chance to engage with you and your audience. Readers feel more connected to you and are more likely to return to your site.

8. Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way you can attract organic traffic.

With guest posting, you hire a blogger to write about a related topic on his or her own blog.

By allowing bloggers to promote your brand, you increase the chances that they will recommend your company to their followers.

The goal of guest blogging is to build relationships and trust between yourself and your target audience.

You want to establish yourself as an expert in your field. By building a relationship with bloggers, you show them that you're trustworthy.

That's why guest posting is a powerful tool for attracting organic traffic.

9. Product Reviews

Product reviews are another form of content that people read.

Reviews help people decide which products are good enough to purchase.

For example, let's say you buy a vacuum cleaner online. Before buying it, you'd probably check out several online review sites to see what other customers had to say about the product.

Knowing what other customers think about a particular product allows you to make informed decisions. It also lets you know if the price is worth paying.

After reading customer reviews, you may choose to buy the same product. Or, you may decide to go with a competitor's product.

Either way, you now have a much clearer picture of the product before purchasing it.

This means that product reviews attract organic traffic.

10. Press Releases

Press releases are yet another type of content that people read and view.

Although press releases aren't used as frequently as they once were, they still play a vital role in marketing.

Like product reviews, press releases help consumers make educated choices.

If you're planning to release a new product, you should send out a press release to announce the news.

Your press release should include important details about the product, including its specs, pricing, availability, and anything else you think might interest potential buyers.

Including a photo of the product is always helpful.

Make sure to place the image next to the headline in order to maximize its effectiveness.

11. Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the oldest forms of content marketing.

They've been around since the early days of print media.

Today, newsletters continue to be popular because they provide regular updates from businesses.

People like getting email updates from brands they already trust.

As long as you keep your newsletter short and concise, it'll be easy for readers to digest.

When writing your newsletter, focus on providing value first.

Then, add some fun facts or interesting stories.

When sending out your newsletter, use a template that includes all of these elements.

It makes it easier for subscribers to quickly scan through your message.

Once you start using content marketing tactics, you'll notice how effective they are at driving organic traffic.



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