Get TikTok Famous: 7 Easy Steps

Ever wanted to be famous on TikTok? Well, it is easier than you think. Here are 7 easy steps that will help get your account noticed by other TikTok users and eventually make you how to get TikTok famous!

Get TikTok Famous: 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Find Popular Content

- First off, find popular content in the app so that people can see how your videos compare. Search for a hashtag or search for a specific user's name. The more views they have, the better chance of them noticing you!

Step 2: Make Unique Videos

- The next step is to make unique videos with original content! Don't just rehash what others have done because there are plenty of other people doing that already. Use filters, add stickers, and layer on your favorite songs to make a video that no one else has! It's how you stand out in this app.

Step 3: Find a niche hashtag to use on TikTok.

- If you’re posting in the Music category, hashtags such as #musiclife and #pop are popular.

- Hashtags for trending categories might change over time so make sure you stay up-to-date with how your posts are being received by checking analytics after each video upload.

step4: Make sure you're following all the rules for appropriate content on TikTok.

- If you're not sure how to tell whether a video is appropriate for TikTok, just ask yourself: "Would I be comfortable seeing this with my parents/children?".

Step 5: Share your TikTok link on social media.

- Insta Story: Tag TikTok in your story by tapping the camera, and then typing #TikTok. From here you can either select a preloaded hashtag or create one of your own. Your video will be posted on both Instagram Stories and TikTok so make sure to add hashtags such as #instastory for maximum exposure!

- Snapchat: Share the link with friends from inside Snapchat using our share function. Make sure to use words like "funny" or "crazy!" in your caption for more views!

Step 6: Analyze how well posts are performing over time: this is called analytics tracking.

  • To find out how many likes, comments, shares, etc., any given post has received, go to your account and tap on the post in question.

  • There are two kinds of analytics you should be paying attention to when reviewing how well a video is doing: "Lifetime" and "Reach".  

  • Lifetime shows how many users have watched this specific video so far. Reach refers to how many people were exposed to this content by being served it during their time spent on TikTok as opposed to how many actually clicked play or liked it specifically (some number might see the content but not interact with it). This gives us an idea of how popular our posts are relative to other videos!

  • Step6: Follow other people on TikTok for more followers 
  • You can follow people on TikTok by tapping the search bar and typing in their name or username. When you find a person, tap "Follow!”

  • You should also consider following other relevant hashtags to your video niche so that new followers are exposed to your content as well as more popular users who might share it with their base of followers and give you additional reach!

Step 7: Keep posting videos to gain more followers and likes  

- In order to keep building up your audience on TikTok, it’s important for you to regularly post original content. Consider how often other people who might be interested in what you have uploaded are seeing new posts from an influencer they follow. The more frequently someone sees something similar posted by a user they already know they like (you!), the better chance there is that this person will click play because their interest has been piqued with each consecutive post!     

If you follow these steps, your fame on TikTok may increase.

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