Google Adsense tips: 5 ways to increase them

You can increase the amount of revenue your Google Adsense account generates. Here are five ways to generate more income for each ad.

Google Adsense tips: 5 ways to increase them

1. A large background image should be eye-catching.

A large background image that is eye-catching will draw the attention of your visitors, increasing the chances that they'll click on an ad. Using a large background image can increase revenue by as much as 30%. The ideal size for these images is 1500 x 500 pixels. You might find it difficult to fit this image within certain themes. In that case, you will need to hire someone or modify an existing photo to make it larger using software like Photoshop and GIMP. Google will not display ads in these areas if they are blocked by text. Text blocks act just like empty spaces, decreasing traffic towards your site, which decreases ad clicks and earnings! Try different sizes until one works for you.

2. To increase engagement on your blog, you can add animated gifs.

Animated gifs have been shown to increase engagement on a blog post by as much as 50%. This is because humans naturally gravitate towards moving objects, especially if they are flashing rapidly. An animated gif can be added at the start of every post if you want your audience more engaged with your site. Be sure it isn't too distracting and annoying. The best size for these images is 300 x 215 pixels. If you are looking for animated.gif pictures online, be sure to check their copyright guidelines before using them.

Google won't allow text boxes to be used in ad units. Therefore, you should experiment with different sizes until one works for your theme.

3. Place an Adsense Ad on your footer or sidebar.

Adsense ads that are placed in the sidebar or footer of your site typically get more clicks than those on the content page itself. This is because people will scan a blog for ads and move to other areas until they see something. To increase the visibility of your ad units in this area, you should make them special. Because most blog themes use this size as the standard spacing for sidebars, 300x250 pixels are a good size. It is a good idea to place them below or above any related widgets so they don't overshadow your current layout design.

4. Experiment with various types of ads like banner ads or text ads.

Different ad types work best with different blog themes. Putting banner ads in various sizes at the top or bottom will increase visibility and click-through rate because there are more locations for users to see them when they first come into contact with your page. Text Ads are more popular than banners. However, they get good clicks if placed above and below any related widgets. Because it's standard spacing around sidebars and where these units are most commonly found, a text ad size of 300 x250 pixels works best.

Banners should be placed at the sides of your posts, rather than having too many ads! Text blocks that act as empty spaces when editing your text should be avoided. They decrease traffic towards your site, which decreases ad clicks and earnings!

5. Increase the number and quality of your pages.

The number of page views on your blog will determine how much money you make. The number of pages on your website will determine how much revenue you can make. So try adding a few extra posts every month or two, depending on how much time you have for blogging in order to increase profits! It is important to include relevant keywords in your content. Google considers keyword density a part of its ranking algorithm. If they aren't overused, it may help you raise your search engine rankings. Good Luck with increasing Adsense Revenue!! Thank you!

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