This list includes some of the top alternatives to Google Adsense. It also covers some of the lesser known but still effective ad networks.

The world of online advertising has changed drastically over the past decade. What was once considered cutting-edge now seems like ancient history. But there are still plenty of opportunities available to those who can adapt quickly. This list includes some of the top alternatives to Google Adsense.


1. is a direct competitor to Google Adsense and Facebook Audience Network. It is one of the biggest contextual ad networks in the world, used by household names such as Amazon, Apple, eBay, Expedia, Forbes, Fox News, Huffington Post, LinkedIn, Microsoft, New York Times, NBC Universal, Pandora, Reuters, Ticketmaster, Twitter, Vimeo, and many others.

The contextual advertising network allows you to monetize your site with exclusive access to searches performed on the Yahoo! Bing network. You can reach millions of people searching for products and services online, making it one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site.

Its server-side header bidding solution makes it easy to manage your campaigns while giving you full control over how much money you earn per impression. With, you don't have to worry about anything except creating great content.

2. Mediavine

Mediavine is a full-services advertising solution that helps publishers monetize their blogs and social media accounts. This includes managing ads, building campaigns, tracking performance, and generating reports.

The company was founded by a group of bloggers who had hands-on experience and understand what works best in terms of traffic generation and brand awareness. They are also aware of advertisers' concerns about brand safety and have implemented strict policies to ensure that clients do not lose out due to poor decisions.

3. Revcontent

Revcontent aims to blur the line between reader-purchasers and publishers. Founded in 2018, the company claims to apply machine learning algorithms to generate over 250 billion content recommendations every month. The algorithm recommends articles based on what readers are already reading on sites like Buzzfeed and Vice.

While Revcontent handles more than 300 million monthly views, applying as a publisher requires a manual review process to make sure your site publishes high-quality content. The minimum payout is $50.

4. AdThrive

AdThrive is one of the most popular ad networks out there. And it’s easy to see why – they offer three different types of ads, each with a unique look and feel. But what makes AdThrive stand out among the rest is how they treat their publishers. AdThrive is one of few ad networks that requires you to go through an application process before they approve your account. This gives you a chance to show off your best work, and prove to them that you are capable of producing quality content. Once approved, you can start earning money immediately.


5. Taboola

Taboola is a powerful native ad network that allows advertisers to place ads directly into publishers’ sites, without having to pay for impressions or even set up a campaign. This makes it a great option for brands looking to advertise on high-traffic websites like news outlets and blogs.

The fact that it works well with both desktop and mobile devices is another reason why it’s such a good fit for many businesses. You don’t have to worry about whether people are seeing your ads in the right format; they’ll see them no matter what device they’re using.

6. Infolinks

InfoLinks is one of the largest providers of contextual in-text advertising solutions. They offer a wide variety of tools for companies looking to advertise online, including text ads, display ads, and mobile ads. Their products include banners, popups, and rich media ads.

With InfoLinks, you can build custom campaigns and target specific keywords based on your audience demographics, location, interests, and behavior. You can even use their API to integrate your campaign into third-party systems like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

7. PopAds

PopAds is a general term for popup ads you see across the web in all their varying and differing forms. Their name came about because the company originally launched in 2010, and they've been growing ever since. They're now one of the largest players in the industry, having over 10 million monthly active publishers worldwide.

You only need 1,000 visits a month to sign up and you'll receive a starting payout of $4.00 just for hitting that target. However, you can withdraw it at any time into an Altepay or Paypal account, and each ad costs are based on a per impression basis, meaning each time someone views an ad, you get rewarded!

8. Adcash

Adcash is one of the most popular advertising platforms around. With over 200 million active users worldwide, it offers a wide range of features that help publishers earn money from their audience. This includes several ways to serve different kinds of ads, including pop-up ads, banners, interstitial ads, and even video ads. You can choose to use the platform to monetize your site globally, or just within certain regions.

The platform offers both free and paid options. For the latter, there are three plans: Pro, Premium and Enterprise. Each plan gives you access to different features. However, the basic plan includes everything needed to start earning money.

If you want to know what Adcash does best, we'll tell you: anti-adblocking technology. In fact, this feature is so good that many people don't realize that they're blocking ads while browsing the web. To prevent this, Adcash uses special code that makes sure that every single ad served is displayed properly.

9. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is one of the best ways to monetise your site without having to compromise quality. We give advertisers full control over how their adverts look and behave on your site. Our native advertising solution allows us to target specific audiences based on interests and demographics, meaning we can deliver highly targeted ads to our clients.

We also make it easy to add PropellerAds to your existing sites. Simply copy and paste our code into your HTML and start earning money today.


10. ylliX

ylliX is a global advertising network offering advertisers worldwide access to millions of active mobile devices via a single dashboard. It connects brands with consumers across multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

The platform allows users to target individual campaigns based on device type, operating system, language, app category, location, gender, age group and interests. Users can even target specific apps within a campaign.


11. Adversal

Adversal is a self serve ad network that makes getting online marketing done fast and simple. If you're looking to advertise your products or services on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, and more, we'll help you out.

You don't even need to know how to code. We make it easy to build your campaign and launch it. You simply choose the type of advertisement you want to run, select your budget, and let us take care of the rest.

Once your campaign launches, you can sit back and relax while our system does all the hard work. And because we handle all the technical stuff, you won't ever have to worry about things like performance issues, downtime, or anything else.

12. PopCash

PopCash is a popunder ad network that allows advertisers to advertise across thousands of sites around the world. With over 850 million monthly visits and 50,000 active publisher partners, PopCash provides a global audience, allowing marketers to reach millions of people every day.

The PopCash team works hard to ensure that all our clients are satisfied, providing detailed reporting and analytics to help optimize their campaigns. We offer a free trial period to ensure that you're happy with our service before we ask you to pay anything upfront.


- Revenue share model: The revenue share model is a simple concept. Instead of charging upfront fees, you split the profits with affiliates who sell your product. This means that you only pay when your affiliates actually generate sales.

This model works great for many businesses because it allows them to grow at a steady pace without having to worry about paying out large sums of cash upfront.

However, there are some drawbacks to this model. For example, you may not be able to control the quality of your affiliates' products. Also, you need to ensure that your affiliates are generating enough sales to justify the cost of promoting your product.

- Minimum payout threshold: Some affiliate programs require that you reach a minimum payout threshold (usually $50) before they will release payment.

- wire transfers: Most affiliate programs allow payments through bank wires. However, if you use an alternative payment method, such as PayPal, you might incur additional fees.

- Affiliate program requirements: Many affiliate programs have certain criteria that must be met before they approve your application. These include age restrictions, location restrictions, and sometimes even language restrictions.

- high-quality ads : In order to increase conversion rates, most affiliate programs prefer that you use high-quality ads.

- Fraudulent activities: Some affiliate programs have strict policies against fraudulent activities. If you engage in any fraudulent activity, you could lose your account.

- Payment methods: Payments are usually made by check or bank transfer. If you do not have a checking account, you may not be eligible for payments.

- Restrictions on advertising content: Some affiliate programs restrict what kind of content you can promote. For example, some affiliate programs forbid you from promoting illegal drugs, adult content, or tobacco products.

- No tracking: Some affiliate programs don't track conversions. They simply reward you for sending traffic to their partners.

- Limited availability: Not every affiliate program is available in every country. So make sure that your business is legally allowed to operate in the countries where you want to advertise.

- High commission rate: You'll typically earn between 10% and 50% of the sale price.

- Low commissions: You'll typically earn around 5%.

- Fewer offers: There's less competition among affiliate programs than there is for advertisers. That means that you're more likely to find better deals.

- More offers: There are more affiliate programs than advertisers. That means that there are more opportunities to earn money.


- Less competition: Because there are fewer advertisers competing for space on search

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