How do I do a Fiverr account?

To start a Fiverr account, first, make sure you have an updated profile. Next, select your preferred username and click "Create Account".

How do I do a Fiverr account?

You will need to provide an email address that is not associated with any other account on the site in order to verify your new Fiverr e-mail address. Finally, check for an email from 'fiverr' which contains both links that prompt you to update the password and activate your account with Fiverr. Once this has been completed click "Continue" in the confirmation message. 

Once logged into your newly created Fiverr account you can begin creating Gigs of various descriptions - just follow these simple steps: 

1.) Click on 'Add New Gig'

2.) You are now in the "Description" tab. This is where you write your offer. It's best to keep it short and simple. If you have a verified PayPal account, more payment options will be available during checkout.

3.) Click on 'Add Media' if you have any related images/videos for your Gig that should display directly below the description (or easily accessible by clicking on an image) 

4.) The next step is to choose how long your Gig will be available for those seeking services from you (a term known as "exclusivity"). There are three options: 10 days, 30 days or unlimited time...the longer period of time selected the higher your position in search results will appear. If you set the exclusivity to 10 days, it will refresh on a rolling basis; 30 days will retain its position for thirty more days.

5.) If you would like to charge a specific currency other than USD, click "Currency" and select your preferred currency from the list of alternatives. You have the option to change this later in 'My Settings'.

6.) If you wish to make edits to your Gig once you are live, use the "Edit" button at the top right corner of your page. 

7.) To publish your Gig click "Publish". Keep in mind that once created Gigs cannot be unpublished (if you remove them they will instead appear as drafts) – but don't worry! Your published Gigs will be safely stored in your portfolio, and you can view by clicking "My Gigs" found at the top of any page.

8.) You've now successfully published a Gig! You're not done yet…you have to promote your product or service using social media marketing, SEO marketing (if you don't want to pay) or other means of making the most out of your time spent on Fiverr. 

9.) Make sure to click "Set Price" if you are charging for your services; this is where rates can be changed at anytime and they will apply globally. Think about these rates carefully as potential clients may expect them when choosing from among multiple providers operating under the same service category. It's also a good idea to include your Gig's price in the title as well as your description if you plan on selling it at a discounted rate. 

Once published, you will want to promote your services and products using social media marketing, SEO marketing (if applicable) or other means of making the most out of your time spent on Fiverr. Searching for gigs related to yours is also a good way to find clients; and when creating an order, don't forget to mention the category that describes what service or product was provided. At any time, you can edit pricing by clicking "Set Price." If you would like additional help or information about how best to market yourself then please search the community for more answers – there are numerous articles available that offer advice from both entrepreneurs and Fiverr staff alike.

OTHER TIPS: Include your Gig's price in the title and description for SEO reasons, as well as linking to your online profile on social media sites like Facebook (if you don't have a website). Don't be afraid to ask friends, family members or other professionals that use Fiverr if they would be willing to leave feedback/ratings after purchasing services provided by you. It may seem awkward at first but could prove effective down the road; good reviews can help build trust among future customers! 

There are also ways to get more out of Gigs found under "My Settings." Many sellers choose to provide discounts by selecting a coupon code while others offer additional services such as proofreading or editing. Be creative, and always remember you can make changes to your Gig at any time!

Above all else, be patient as it takes time to attract new customers and build a good reputation; if you maintain a presence on Fiverr by posting regular updates or changing prices then this will help improve the visibility of your profile. Also don't hesitate to ask for feedback from buyers so that you can better what aspects of your service or product meet the needs of those seeking information online. A great way to find out is through Google's Keyword Planner tool by typing in longtail phrases related to your field – see below how we did just that!

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