How do I rank the first page on Fiverr?

Fiverr has so many sellers, and it's hard to find the right one from within a search. You have to execute a targeted strategy. Here are my two favourite methods:

How do I rank the first page on Fiverr?

1) Try promoting services that already have one or more competitors, but not too many. This way, you'll be in an environment where there is less competition for the first few pages of the search engine results but will still feel like you're not wasting time promoting something with no potential. It's also incredibly competitive in these "convenient" niches because they can generate sales quickly and thus shouldn't be overlooked; some examples include ebook creation (children's books), cover design/illustrations for novels/short stories/non-fiction (you don't have to do the designs yourself, you can use a freelancer like Fiverr's many artists), and editing/proofreading of various kinds (children's books again).

2) If your service is more specific or niche than just "ebook creation", then it could be beneficial for you to stick a few of your services in amongst the competitors to give people more options when they search.

Just make sure whatever niche you're trying is one that people use Fiverr for and isn't saturated already. For example, I don't think anyone will ever need a book cover designed on Fiverr (some too many people can design great covers in much better environments). However, if you have experience with banners and other graphics that could work well for book covers (or any exclusive niche you think is receptive to Fiverr artists), then putting a few of your services on there should generate some sales pretty quickly.

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You could also try promoting your service in front of a massive crowd of Fiverr users by posting it to forums where people who are using Fiverr congregate. Most people on media would never use services like yours, so that they won't be interested/bother clicking the link. However, those who click the links and eventually purchase your gig will be some of the best clients you could get because they're genuinely interested in that service. You can try looking around for forums like these:

About Fiverr Forum - This forum is THE forum for everything about Fiverr; it's where people post announcements and questions, discuss strategies, talk to other sellers, and more. It's definitely the biggest and most active forum, but it also has many scammers that will try to get you to sign up for a service or tell you something is true when it isn't.

Japanese Fiverr Forum: This forum is expressly set up for people who use Fiverr in Japan due to some differences between the English and Japanese sites, but you can post on the "General Discussion" board if you're not a seller. It's pretty tiny and doesn't get much traffic at all, so I don't think there's any genuine interest in Fiverr services for sale; it'll probably just be like the About Fiverr forum mentioned above.

Japanese IT Forum: This is a forum specifically for people interested in getting work done through freelancing, such as programming or design work. The posts are generally related to finding projects (hiring someone), sending proposals/answering questions about your portfolio/skillsets, proofreading/editing writing (whether it be novels or non-fiction), advising companies trying to get off the ground (probably don't apply for this one if you're American since they're trying to get funding), and discussions about markets and prices.

LFJ Market: This is a smaller forum than the others, but it's still an excellent place to post your services in front of people interested in selling services on Fiverr or otherwise getting work done through freelancing. It usually has somewhere between 500-1000 new posts every day, so there will be some traffic to promote your service correctly. Some threads may also lead to potential clients, like a recent thread asking how much it would cost to translate an ebook from English into Japanese.

Fiverr ,How do I rank the first page on Fiverr,

This site has many threads about translating several different kinds of content from English to Japanese, such as legal documents, video game walkthroughs, and even novels. Most of the replies in that thread seem to be around $25-30 for a relatively short book (the OP was willing to pay more if it was spectacular), so if you're interested in translating ebooks to Japanese, then this could help set up a nice niche for yourself.

Another site similar to LFJ Market is Maruichi's Human Resource Site. It has a lot less content on it than LFJ Market, but hopefully, some good threads about Fiverr services being sold or even individuals looking for someone who can perform those services. Again, don't get too excited just because it's a Japanese forum since most people will never be interested in selling their services on Fiverr.

You could also try posting your service to other forums outside of Japan; you need to make sure that people who will buy can see the posts. 

I hope you guys find this post helpful! If you have any questions, then let me know in the comments! I'll be happy to provide more information or answer questions about these different methods. Cheers, and if anyone wants free proofreading, check out my gig: Proofread My Article. It should take only a few minutes, but it can help turn an otherwise average article into something great! :)

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