How I increased my income by 10X with freelance work

The freelance industry has been a big part of my life for over one year. I went from making an annual salary of $50k to more than $500K in the last year. What's even more interesting is the fact that this increase in income happened in the very first couple of months of beginning my freelance career. It was a thrilling time!

How I increased my income by 10X with freelance work

1. I've always been intrigued by freelance work.

I used to think that entrepreneurs were a completely different kind of. This was not something that intrigued me. They did appear to be very busy and spend all day at their desks or in meetings with clients. But after a few months of being a full-time employee, I realized I needed to do something different! There was just too much stress and not enough excitement from my job. One day, while scrolling through Facebook [...]. It was amazing to observe how many people do this without having to adhere to corporate guidelines and regulations. They're earning money online and not being held back by the corporate world. While there is no guarantee that you will be successful, it's well worth the effort.

2. It took me three months to find my first client.

It took a while to design my site and find the keywords I wanted to focus on, and then begin making contact with other people with similar desires. It is important not to abandon the idea! It's impossible to anticipate immediate results. You need patience and perseverance as you're just beginning. After about three months of constantly looking for clients (and rejecting projects that weren't in line with your skillset), I finally got my first client, who paid me $400 per month.

3. The best way to get clients is to get referrals.

I won't lie. The initial few months were a struggle as I was trying to find clients on my own, but it wasn't until one of my friends referred me that things began to get easier! It is essential to be a part of the communities in which you'll find your future clients. If you're a talented writer, you should be sure to join writing groups. Web developers and web designers must also be involved in these communities online. When someone asks questions about your skillset, don't hesitate to offer them some help even when they aren't paying for it yet, as this will give you more opportunities down the road!

4. I have learned new skills by freelancing.

The more time you spend working with clients and customers, the better you will become proficient in what you do. Although I began my career in copywriting, I quickly realized that I was not suited for sales-related work. I had to decide not to take on any tasks that were related to this. Building websites was something I loved and paid well, and therefore, hiring developers became my speciality. Today, I can easily give a price quote to anyone who wants to know what it will cost me to build an online store or marketplace websites like Amazon or eBay. I've done enough research throughout the years, and most importantly, practice makes perfect. The ability to switch gears is a crucial capability you require to succeed in the field.

5. Tips to be successful as a freelancer.

Do small tasks and use your skills. The most important thing is having numerous clients but not being able to deliver the high-quality service they require because you're overworked. This is a recipe for catastrophe! Also, don't be afraid of asking questions when you need assistance from designers or developers as they are always willing to help people, as long as it doesn't impact their workflow (and should they get involved, find new solutions!). Also, keep an eye on all your earnings and expenses; this ensures that everything adds up at the end of the year, which means fewer taxes to pay in April!

6. What is it like to be an all-time freelancer as opposed to an employee?

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each. But here's what I can say-- I don't have bosses circling my neck who call me each half-hour about one small issue that does not have anything to do with work (and it happens even if you're just an employee). This means you have to assume more responsibility, but it also allows you to have the opportunity to grow as an expert. You can determine how much effort you put into a task or how you learn new methods and skills. Finally, money! If there was one thing I like about freelancing is having 100% control of how much money I earn every month, dependent on how hard I worked during that time.

7. The future of work and what we must be preparing for.

What's the next phase of the job market? I think we must begin preparing for the future now if we wish to succeed in this field, and that means: learning new skills, building a solid client base (and not just taking every opportunity you can get) and making as many savings as is possible to ensure that when emergency situations occur, we don't have to worry about where our next paycheck is coming from. Keep open-minded because things are constantly changing! It is possible to either ignore the change or embrace it. But if you reflect on your life in ten years and you'll find it much better to be able to acknowledge the changes with a firm hand than one who allows opportunities to pass them through the cracks without even trying. So good luck and have fun freelancing!

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