How long is 72 hours?

Answer: In minutes- 72 hours = 8,640 minutes In Hours- 72 hours = 680 hours In Days- 72 hours = 4 days, 16 hours 

How long is 72 hours?

In Weeks- 3.4 weeks or 48 days + 16 minutes (72x24) ==> 296.80  days {1 day in a week is typically 7200 seconds}==> math without the units conversions is rounded to 0.2 weeks per year {since 48/365=0.1} and 1% of life expectancy/life span is around 10 years then that leaves us with a little over 100x worth of time; or 100 years worth of time from the conversion before and another 93X from when you are only counting how long it

72 hours is one day and two nights. It's long enough for any of the following to occur: your electricity bill could increase, it could rain non-stop for 72 hours, you could get a cavity from just eating candy or drinking soda for 72 minutes, you could accumulate 2 teaspoons of sleep debt--and a tankful worth more debt with every minute after that. Quite an impressive feat! Yet there are countries in the world where people go without electricity at some point in their lives and 27% of the population across all regions suffer from chronic lack of sleep. Even worse, only 1 out of 7 people worldwide have access to electricity 24/7 while 75% don't even know what it is like to sleep soundly

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