is HBr a Strong Acid?

HBr is known as a strong acid because it is completely dissociated (breaks apart) in water. It is true that there are many other acids, both strong and weak, that do not completely break down in the water like HCl.

is HBr a Strong Acid?

Strong acids are not just capable of forming a nice covalent bond with the water to create one solvent molecule of hydrogen and one solute molecule of acid, but they also released some extra protons into the mix (just like all other acids). Rather than having a shared pair of protons around an electron charge, these extra protons are actually hydrogen atoms bound to their own oxygen nucleus. It is so easy for these lone protons to detach from the opposite end of a partially dissociated HBr because they are already free from the electron charge, so they have nothing to hold them back. I think that it might be said that HBr has "extra protons" that give it extra "strength". I would say that any acids with such "extra protons" would be considered strong. In other words, when acid is able to release these potent lone hydrogen atoms from its ion and let them loose in the water, it creates a stronger reaction than the simple covalent bond-creating weak acid reactions that make H2O.

It is no surprise that this happens all the time in nature because molecules always strive to be stable or in a favourable state, and sometimes just being separated by a barrier isn't sufficient (think about what would happen if you surrounded an air molecule with a wall or rock). In this case, the molecule may always try to "break out" by sharing all of its electrons and protons with a different species so that both will be neutral (or happy) and stable.

Especially if there are a lot of extra protons floating around on their own (like in HBr), they're going to steal any other lone protons from neighbouring molecules in order to get even more strange looking hydrogen molecules like H3O+ (hydronium ions) which makes water have an even greater tendency for dissociation. If you want to learn about weak acids versus strong ones, check out this article.

Accordingly, in light of the fact that it breaks up into two solitary hydrogen atoms and one negative Brion ion (Br), HBr is considered a strong acid. In addition to this, it is both neutral and colourless, making it an excellent choice for cleaning glass or any other transparent surface since it does not leave behind any tinted residue after use.

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