There are many ways to make money from Q&A websites. Posting ads on the page is the best way to do this. Your page will receive more traffic which will result in more revenue. Q&A sites are used by people around 10 times per day. You can also ask people questions and get their answers. You will see more pages if you answer more questions. This will increase your income.

1. Advertisement

You can make a lot of money answering questions on Quora. Earn big bucks and get lots of traffic for free. Although affiliate links cannot be used in your answers you can create ads on Quora to refer people to your blog. These ads can drive organic traffic to your site and generate revenue through Google Adsense.

Sending your answers to Quora Digest questions can help you earn more. Your answers will be published on Quora's website. This will make your answers more viral and increase your payout. You can create a profile to post your questions every day and earn money from Quora with ads.

Quora lets advertisers post image- or text-based ads to their websites. The ad can include your company logo. A business account allows you to answer questions under the company name. This will allow you to interact with users better. Spaces are discussion rooms that allow you to post your answers.

Quora's most popular way to make money is through ad revenue, but subscriptions are also an option. Subscriptions can help you earn more on Quora, and provide a steady income. For an additional fee, you can also sell your content.

Quora's popularity has made it a billion-dollar social network company. It has over 190 million users and 300 millions unique visitors every month. It is one the most popular online spaces. It is a great place for learning and asking questions. The platform is used by celebrities and experts.

Quora's contextual targeted technology can help you earn more than your ads. This type of targeting allows for you to target specific audiences based on keywords in the question. Your ads can be promoted through the Quora digest and newsletter. You must first create an account with Quora's ad manager to start earning with Quora ads.


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