Making money blogging: 6 ways to succeed

The idea of making money from blogging appeals to you. In this article, I will focus on six ways to make money from blogging. All of these are excellent options for people who have lots of time and want to create content full-time. There are plenty of blogs that offer these topics, whether you want something full-time or part-time.

Making money blogging: 6 ways to succeed

1.. Select a topic that is important to you, and then write about it.

This is one of the most important things you can do for a blog. If it isn't interesting to you, then it won't be of interest to anyone else. Picking a topic that interests you is key to keeping you engaged throughout the blogging process. One example: I love technology, so posts that are tech-related tend to be shared more than those related to other topics. You can choose something that excites you and just go with it!

This will ensure that you have enough information if there are others blogging on similar topics. So when people search online for their niche, they will see lots of results and not just one or two.

2. Choose the platform you prefer.

Next, you'll need to select your blogging platform. This can all be done from any computer. WordPress is the most popular, so you should consider it if you want to rank well. There are millions of WordPress sites (Google loves numbers).

Tumblr Blogger, Weebly, and many more options are available depending on your blog design preferences. Look for something that will fit your budget, and meet your needs in content creation/sharing.

Without an email list, none of these strategies can work. MailChimp provides 2000 free subscribers that should last you quite a while. By subscribing, people will have instant access to all of the blog posts, service information, and product/service information.

3. Create an attractive blog design.

Next, design a beautiful blog design that attracts your audience. This can be done using a variety of sites like Fiverr, iStockPhoto, or ThemeForest (for WordPress theme themes). Simply choose what you like. Do not spend too much on these platforms. It is only time that it takes. You will want to stick to the essential tools for your purpose. If you have a growing readership, then it is best to save money and not to add unnecessary features. It is possible for them to see too much from day one, which can lead to them not even reading your posts.

4. Write engaging content.

Writing engaging content will make people read. Sticking with infographics, lists, and images is the best option. They are much more shared than text posts. You'll find the right niche and know exactly what information they need.

If there isn't a lot of competition in the region, you can go ahead and ensure that every blog posting has at least one image (and a link back to iStockPhoto). This makes it stand out from many blogs that only have plain text or, worse, don't use any images at all. You can add videos to certain posts if you wish and any other relevant information that doesn't distract the main post.

5. Look for ways to increase traffic.

This is also a crucial step and can be quite expensive. So that person searching for the topics you write about will find your blog in their search results; they need to know how to get it noticed. That's how exposure works. Don't skim this step, or you'll never get anyone to read your blog (which is a defeat for all of these blogging strategies).

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6. Receive sponsored posts from companies.

Once you've built up your audience, it's time to reach out to companies for sponsored posts. This is simple as most companies will contact them if they are interested in advertising with a blog post.

This works like this: These businesses want their names to be known via social media. They want people to read about them. So if they see your blog (with 2000+ subscribers), then there's a good likelihood that they can relate, which means more interest in whatever product/service it might be. You must ensure that each sponsored post has at least one photo. This will make it more interesting for people to read your posts.

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