5 Tips to Help You Double Your Pinterest Following in 30 Days
Creative thinking is the best way for your Pinterest account to grow. Try new things and think outside the box to create pins that target your audience. You could create sections for your board to include pins that relate to your favorite foods. You can also promote it on other social networks.

1. Be honest and thoughtful with your comments

Engage with your Pinterest community by leaving thoughtful, honest comments on other users' posts. Don't share too many of these comments. You can risk your Pinterest ranking being affected by spam comments. Another way to increase followers is to host contests. Host contests to increase your followers and brand awareness.

Pinterest's analytics tools allow you to see who has followed you. Pinterest allows multiple signin methods. Consider using an older account if you can, as older accounts are more trustworthy. You should convert your personal account into an account for business. Remember to reply to comments

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