Everyone faces the problem of trying to draw a nose at some point in their life. But fear not, as this blog has the solution! In just nine easy steps, you'll be able to draw any nose you want perfectly. First, take a look at the basic nose shapes that are available to you. Next, follow the tips to make your nose look realistic and true to life. And finally, remember - observation is key! With these easy steps, you'll have the perfect nose drawn in no time at all!

1. How to start drawing a nose

Nobody is perfect when it comes to drawing noses, but with a little practice, you can achieve a level of accuracy that's praiseworthy. To start, practice your drawing skills on some practice noses. This will help you get the basic shapes and contours down pat. Once you're comfortable with the basic shapes, shading can be added around the contours of the nose. Be sure to pay close attention to the nostrils and lips, as these are the most important features to get right. And remember, don't be discouraged if noses take a little longer to perfect than other parts of your drawings! With a little patience and practice, noses can be drawn accurately and beautifully!


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