The top apps to make quiz games. From fun quizzes to educational ones, here are some of the best apps to create quiz games.

1. QuizUp

QuizUp offers a variety of question types such as true/false, multiple selection, matching, and picture identification tasks. The site has over 500 quiz categories, meaning that there's something here for everyone.

The interface is simple and intuitive. You can view your results instantly after answering a question, and click on any answer choice to see more details.

On top of the standard choices, you can choose between two additional answers. For example, instead of picking either “yes” or “no,” you can pick “yes & no” or “true(a) & false(b).” This option makes answering easier since you don't have to determine whether the answer is “yes” on its own.

For each category, there are several levels of difficulty. There's nothing stopping you from participating in a quiz unless you fail three consecutive times. But you won't face that problem if you learn how to utilize the “help” button that appears beside every question.

In addition to allowing you to create quizzes, QuizUp also gives you the opportunity to rate and review your favorite quizzes. That way, other users can see what type of content you enjoy and find the right quiz for them.

2. Quizster

Similar to QuizUp, Quizster works like a social network for quizzes. Users can sign up and create profiles, then search for quizzes to play. Their profile displays their scores and reviews, and they can challenge players for games.

Unlike QuizUp, Quistester does not have preset categories or difficulties. Instead, it lets you tailor it according to your needs. You can set the number of rounds, maximum points, and minimum score needed to continue playing.

As opposed to sharing your personal information with strangers, you can opt to remain anonymous and invite only friends to participate in the game. It's completely up to you.

3. Fun Facts Quiz Maker

Fun Facts has been one of the most popular quiz sites for years, and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. It's available in four languages, English, Spanish, French, and German, and boasts more than 800 million registered users.

Fun Facts features quizzes about facts, quizzes about movies, quizzes about music, quizzes about TV shows, quizzes about celebrities, quizzes about history, quizzes about literature, quizzes about technology, quizzes about sports, quizzes about science, and quizzes about politics.

Fun Facts also has quizzes categorized as “cute”, “funny”, “games”, and “quotes”. These last categories include quotes, funny sayings, and quotations about friendship, love, relationships, life, books, food, health, money, pets, travel, movies, music, fashion, and many other topics.

The website also features quizzes based on movies, television shows, videogames, anime, cartoons, and comics. However, these aren't the main focus. They're used primarily to introduce new themes and ideas.

4. Pictionary Pro Quiz App

Pictionary Pro Quiz App is another quiz creation tool that's extremely helpful for children. While many kids may prefer to use traditional board games, this app encourages creativity.

The game works like a regular pictionary, with the difference that players are given words rather than drawing objects. To start a game, first, give the kids a word. Then, the kids draw shapes that correspond to the letters in the word. Once completed, they must guess the secret word. If they do, they receive points. If not, they lose points. Points can be redeemed for prizes, or saved for future games.

This version of the app is tailored specifically for children ages 4-8. The interface, however, is still very user-friendly and easy to use. In fact, my five-year-old son was able to complete his first game within minutes.

5. PicMaze

PicMaze is yet another app that takes quiz creation to the next level. Unlike the previous apps we discussed, this one isn't geared toward kids. Instead, it's designed for adults looking to spice up their lives with some brain training.

While PicMaze is similar to traditional pictionary, it uses a different method to determine the correct responses. Whereas in typical games, participants put down the word they think is being asked for, here, the player puts down a shape corresponding to the letter he thinks is being asked for.

In order to win, the player must correctly identify the word hidden among the options. Like Pictionary, players can redeem points for prizes or save them for later.

6. Quizlet

If you'd rather take quizzes offline, check out The website hosts more than 6 billion flashcards, which means you've got plenty of material to practice with. Using it requires no registration or login. Just navigate to a subject area (such as arts, finance, geography, language, math, science, etc.) and click on “Add New Card.”

Once you've selected the card you wish to use, just copy and paste the phrase onto the blank side. If you need to, you can delete the original. Afterwards, you can customize the card with different backgrounds and colors. You can also mark the card as a favorite.

Once you're done, simply click on the “Quiz Me!” button at the bottom right corner of your screen. If you want to create an account, you'll have to enter your email address. Otherwise, you can continue using the site without registering.

You can even share your cards with friends by copying and pasting the URL into their browser.



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