The top 7 freelancing websites in 2022. Get started now by signing up for one or more of them.

1. Upwork

Freelancing may seem like an attractive idea, especially for writers. However, freelance writing jobs may not be as lucrative as you think. There are many things you should know before becoming a freelance writer. Here are top seven websites/apps that provide opportunities for writers in the near future.


Upwork offers thousands of projects and clients in several industries. They offer hourly rates with no minimum price requirements. Many professionals say it is one of the easiest platforms to find freelance work. It has been rated the number 1 online job board for freelancers since 2014.

As a client, you can hire contractors and workers on Upwork directly. You can search for qualified candidates based on skill sets, reviews, ratings, language proficiency, and other criteria.

Since Upwork allows you to set a fixed rate for each project, it helps you prevent low pay scams and other shady practices. You can bid for projects and negotiate with potential clients after selecting the right freelancer.

2. Peopleperhour

PeopleperHour is another platform that provides a huge variety of freelance writing projects. It doesn't focus on any specific industry. Instead, it lets you browse posts by category. This means you can find your niche easily and write content that interests you.

It has been rated as the #1 site for finding freelance gigs among its competitors such as Elance and Odesk. The platform charges a flat fee instead of per hour fees.

On PeoplePerHour, you can apply for and accept projects within minutes. You can save time by applying for multiple projects at once. The application form asks questions related to the quality and quantity of previous work.

After accepting a request, you will receive payment notifications via email. Payment ranges from $0.01 - $10.00 depending on the task. If you don't complete the project, they refund your money automatically.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can buy services and products at cheap prices. On Fiverr, you can find gig writers, editors, proofreaders, and marketers. Its pricing structure is simple. Clients can select their preferred level of service (from basic to premium).

Fiverr does not charge any fees nor does it hold back payments. As a result, it is frequently used for small businesses and individuals seeking inexpensive solutions.

In return, sellers can choose either fixed priced contracts or bidding systems. Fixed priced contract means that you agree to pay a certain amount regardless of whether or not the buyer accepts the project. Bidding system requires buyers to place bids on the projects they wish to purchase.

When a seller accepts a bid, he or she receives payment immediately. With Fiverr, you don't need to waste too much time searching for clients.

Since most tasks on Fiverr are very short, you can fit it into your schedule quickly without missing out on anything else. Most people find that they can earn between $5 - $100 per gig.

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) is a web-based crowdsourcing platform that connects businesses and individuals seeking human intelligence (i.e., labor) with various workforce members, called “turkers.”

Turkers are paid via AMT credits. These credits then allow users to perform tasks on the AMT platform. Turker's performance is evaluated on tasks completed. Therefore, the higher the percentage of tasks completed, the better the outcome.

There are two types of tasks available on AMT. One type involves creating items. For example, you can transcribe audio files or translate text documents. Another type involves evaluating the output of others. This could include checking grammar, spellings, or formatting issues.

Businesses can use AMT as part of marketing strategies. Because AMT is free to use, this gives them an opportunity to reach a wide audience.

In addition, AMT allows companies to create targeted lists of consumers based on demographics and preferences. To do so, they can add keywords to the description field of their tasks.

This feature makes it easier for turkers to find relevant tasks and thus increasing the chances of completing tasks.

5. 99designs

99Designs is a marketplace that allows designers to sell their creative skills to businesses. Designers upload designs to the platform, and customers can purchase these designs.

While there are many design applications already available, 99Designs focuses on providing unique and original ideas. Customers must submit a brief describing what they want designed. Afterward, they can view the designer’s portfolio and decide which design they would prefer to see realized.

99Designs pays its designers according to the value of the designs sold. The base fee is $29.99 for every project. A portion of the total sum is given to the designer upon completion.

Most tasks take about three days to complete. The average cost of hiring a graphic designer on 99Designs is around $40.

The platform doesn't require a lot of effort to build a successful brand identity. Plus, it is easy to track sales and customer feedback.

6. Online Writing Jobs is a website dedicated to exposing writers to different types of writing jobs. On the website, you can read interesting articles written by professional writers. In return, you can contribute your own thoughts and opinions.

All contributors are required to go through a vetting procedure before being published. Furthermore, they must sign up using real names. Once approved, your contributions become exclusive to the website.

To submit a blog post idea, simply fill out the contact form. Your submission will go through moderation before appearing on the website. Please note that the website reserves the right to remove submissions.

Once approved, you can edit your article. Each contributor gets 20 points to spend on editing features. Editing tools are provided by the website. Additionally, you can earn extra points when you publish content. Some categories give additional bonus points depending on the number of views your contribution receives.

7. Guru

Guru is a micro-job marketplace that lets writers sell their freelance work directly to companies. They feature a diverse set of jobs, including brand strategy, web content creation, graphic design, and software programming.

Some of the biggest names in tech hire freelance writers. These include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, LinkedIn, and Spotify.

Writers can choose which jobs they want to apply for and how often they'd like to contribute.

Companies receive a curated selection of qualified applicants, allowing them to quickly select suitable talent.

This site only accepts queries submitted through their form.

You can upload a resume if you prefer.

Once you've uploaded a sample assignment, they'll review it and respond with feedback and suggested revisions.

If they approve your request, they'll assign you a project and begin working on it.

WriterAccess is a peer-to-peer network connecting writers with companies in need of professional content.

Users search for assignments posted by companies looking to fill open roles.

When finding a position that fits, both parties

In conclusion, if you're looking for freelance writing jobs online, here are seven websites where you can find work. These sites have been vetted by freelancers and writers alike, and they offer high pay rates, flexible hours, and lots of opportunities for growth. Best of all, most of these sites require only a basic knowledge of English, which means anyone can join in on the fun.

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