Top 10 Skills to market successfully on Udemy.

Are you looking to market Udemy courses successfully? Udemy is a popular online marketplace for teaching and learning. Udemy instructors can create an account, upload videos of their course lectures, offer students certificates of completion, and sell their course material directly on the Udemy website.

Top 10 Skills to market successfully on Udemy.
This blog post highlights the top 10 skills that will help promote your Udemy courses successfully!

1. Create an engaging Udemy course description.

Udemy courses are marketed on Udemy’s website, so Udemy course descriptions need to be very engaging. Udemy instructors must write an enticing description that will pique the interest of potential students. Instructors should include a personal story about their background in the field they teach or ways that learning this Udemy subject can help others achieve success!

2. Make sure your course is well-structured and easy to follow. 

Udemy students are looking to take Udemy courses for different reasons. Some Udemy students might be interested in learning a new skill so they can add it to their resume, while others may just want Udemy lessons as supplemental material when taking college-level Udemy classes! Regardless of why someone is enrolling in your course, the structure and layout of your course should make sense and be easy to follow along. A logical flow from beginning to end will help keep learners engaged throughout the entirety of your lecture content.

3. Provide good customer service for students who have questions or need help.

Udemy instructors should always monitor Udemy student questions and comments. If a Udemy student needs help with the material in your Udemy course, it’s important to respond quickly so that you can resolve any issues they may be having. Additionally, if students have positive feedback or suggestions for how you could improve your Udemy class content or lectures, Udemy instructors should reply thanking them for their input!

4. Use promotional tools like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and YouTube ads.

Advertising on Facebook and Google can be a great way to promote Udemy courses! Instructors should determine what platform they would like to use based on their target audience. If an instructor’s target market is located in a specific geographical location, it might make sense for them to go with local advertisements or YouTube ads instead. No matter the advertising platform you choose, instructors need to keep track of how many students are enrolled in each course so that they know which Udemy classes get the most attention from potential customers!

5. Create a blog post that links back to your Udemy course. 

Creating a blog post that links to your Udemy course is an excellent way to promote it! Instructors should write the blog so that readers are intrigued by what they have read. For example, if you are teaching a cooking class on Udemy, you might share some of your favorite recipes and healthy food options with potential customers to get them excited about enrolling in your online cooking course!

6. Do keyword research to find out what Udemy students are searching for. 

Instructors should conduct keyword research to determine the most popular keywords related to the subject they are teaching! Different Udemy courses have different keywords that potential customers may search when trying to find a course, so it’s important to know what the most popular ones are in each category. This way instructors can include these keywords on their website or blog post so they show up more often when people search for them online!

Instructors should also create an SEO-optimized title and description of their Udemy class to get themselves ranked higher on Google searches. Instructors who use this strategy will likely see increased enrollment numbers over time because students who go through organic channels like Google tend to be already interested in learning about your topic before enrolling!

7. Create high-quality Udemy course content that matches the topics students are searching for.

Instructors can increase enrollment numbers in their courses simply by making their Udemy class content better! Instructors should make sure that the material they are presenting is accurate, concise, and easy to follow along. To do this instructors can record themselves teaching the course in front of a webcam (with good lighting), use slide presentations or underlined key points to help guide students through each lesson step-by-step, and include helpful graphs or charts whenever applicable!

8. Feature your Udemy course on relevant websites and blogs.

Sites like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Reddit, SlideShare- all of these sites are great for featuring a Udemy class once it has been created! Instructors should submit their courses to as many free platforms that they can to get their eyes on the material they’ve worked so hard to produce. Not only will instructors see increased enrollment numbers by doing this but students who discover your lessons organically may end up becoming long-term customers over time too!

9. Promote your Udemy course at relevant meetups and conferences.

Instructors should promote their courses by speaking about them at local entrepreneurship-related events like Meetups or TEDx talks! If instructors can speak well, they could even talk about the lessons that are taught in the class during their presentations which could help them gain more interest from attendees looking to enroll afterward!

10. Encourage word-of-mouth promotion from your Udemy students.

In order to increase enrollment numbers, instructors should encourage their customers to promote the course for them! Instructors can provide a referral code or bonus reward in exchange for a student bringing in another person who signs up and completes at least one lesson themselves. This will help out both the instructor and the new enrolling customer by giving them an incentive to use after they have finished taking lessons with you!


By using these strategies along with our proven techniques, instructors can grow their Udemy course enrollment to the next level! Instructors who follow this advice will likely see increased revenue numbers each month as well. Good luck and happy marketing!

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