Top 10 ways to make money from blogging

1. Write blog posts about things that you are passionate about. The purpose of blogging is to have fun. You can also write about topics you enjoy. It is the personal viewpoint that makes blogs most successful. Let your readers know you are real, and they will want to get in touch with you.

Top 10 ways to make money from blogging

2. You can offer your services as a freelance writer.

It's a great way to make some extra money by blogging as a freelance blogger. You can either work on projects you enjoy or learn something new. This is especially popular for recent college graduates with less-developed skills.

3. Create sponsored content for brands and products.

Sponsored posts can be a great way to make income blogging. Either you can write your own content or choose to use content already written. Brands and companies will pay top dollar to get their product featured on your blog.

4. Buy advertising space on a website or blog.

It's a great way to make cash blogging even if your audience is small. It is easy to sell and requires no extra work. The brands you want to advertise for will do the rest. For this to work for you, all you need is a few large companies who will pay top dollar.

5. You can make money selling products online.

Blogging is a great method to sell items online. Your blog can serve as a listing of all products you have, and then you can link out. This method is very popular with vloggers that spend most of their time discussing specific brands or products.

6. Start an affiliate programme.

This is a great way of making money blogging. Affiliate programs allow bloggers to partner with companies selling products online. Affiliate programs allow bloggers to refer companies online and earn a commission.

Another benefit of affiliate marketing is the fact that your customers won't have any shipping or handling costs. All orders will go through the merchant's website. To get a return on your investment, you will need to produce compelling content for your blog and include links back to their website.

7. Offer discounts or freebies to your readers.

This method of making income blogging has become very popular due to its simplicity. Create a coupon code to give your readers access to special offers or discounts on your site. This coupon code can be shared as part of an affiliate programme, used in exchange for shares on social media or placed on your website.

8. Provide coaching, consulting and group coaching services as paid services.

This is another way to make a lot of money blogging. Just offer a service, establish a price and get people to pay. Personalized service from an industry expert is a great way to give advice. People appreciate getting tailored advice because they know you'll only recommend the things that work best for them. Your readers will trust your recommendations far more than if they were made by someone without any personal knowledge of their situation.

9. Share links to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter

This is an easy way to get started making a living blogging. Just make sure you have somewhere your readers are online to help them find your content.

This is the best way to make extra income while still building up their website or blog. Instead of sharing links on larger social media platforms, you will slowly gain attention which could lead to more opportunities down the line.

10. Offer your services to other bloggers

This can be an excellent way for people who do not feel comfortable sharing their brand with the outside world. Bloggers often want help writing content or researching certain topics. You could also create a website that only offers your services as bloggers. This will enable you to market your blog via various social media channels and without it looking too self-promotional.

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