Almost seventy percent of YouTubers make one of the most common mistakes - not promoting their videos. However, there are a few simple things you can do to boost the number of views for your videos. These include using cards and end screens to get more exposure, using social media, and timestamping your videos. The title of your video should also be well thought out.


One way to increase views on YouTube is to partner with an influencer. These YouTube stars focus on a specific niche and develop a loyal audience. They also provide information that is valuable to their audiences. This way, their videos can be a sales tool for brands and businesses. Creating an influencer campaign is an effective way to increase your brand's visibility on YouTube and boost sales.

Depending on your brand's goals, you can work with a variety of influencers to reach a wider audience. The size of an influencer's following and demographics are important in raising brand awareness, but the quality of the content is far more important. If you're a small company, you can start with a micro-influencer, who has a smaller audience than a big influencer.

Influencers can help your business by sharing links and codes on their own YouTube channels. They can give their followers discount codes and unique promotional links. For example, if you sell a pair of sneakers, you can offer followers a 10 to 30 percent discount. However, be sure to limit these offers to a short period of time, so people have a reason to act fast.

When working with influencers, you should choose those who have a similar audience to yours. For example, if you are a clothing brand, you may want to partner with a fashion or fitness influencer. It is also important to find an influencer whose philosophy fits with yours. This way, your promotional efforts will feel more genuine and their audience will be more interested in your products.

Influencers can also drive traffic to your brand's website. The influencer can link to your website in their video description. The best thing to do is be informative and include commentary on the video. Otherwise, you'll risk losing the trust of your audience.


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