This video shows eight different ways to rank higher on YouTube. It includes strategies like using keywords, creating videos, optimizing titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.

1. Create Quality Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Millions of users visit YouTube every month to watch videos online.

It’s an excellent platform for marketing products, services, and brands. And it’s a great place to promote yourself and your blog posts.

However, unless you optimize your account properly, you’ll struggle to rank higher on Google search results pages.

Create Quality Videos

Quality content is essential to building a successful YouTube channel. Even though video takes longer to upload compared to text, it has a much greater impact on viewers.

Producing high-quality videos is crucial to gaining views, comments, likes, and subscribers. If you don’t produce high-quality videos, your audience won’t stick around.

Therefore, spend time producing videos that are informative, entertaining, and engaging.

Use sound effects and music sparingly to avoid overloading your videos with unnecessary noise.

Include captions whenever possible to ensure that everyone understands your message. Use keywords and tags strategically to target specific audiences.

2. Choose a Good Channel Name

Choosing a good channel name is vital to increasing engagement. This should include your niche, industry, company, or service.

Choose short and catchy names that engage readers. Avoid using numbers, punctuation, or special characters.

Make sure you choose a unique name that doesn’t appear anywhere else on the web. Make sure your domain name is available too.

3. Upload Regular Videos

Consistency is key. To get noticed quickly, you need to upload regular videos. People love consistency and it makes it easier for them to find your channel.

Uploading regular videos helps build trust and authority within your community.

4. Include Links And Tags

Including links in your descriptions, titles, and tags is extremely important. Ensure these elements link back to your website or blog. They should also contain relevant keywords.

This ensures that your audience finds your content easily.

5. Comment Responsibly

There’s optimizing nothing worse than seeing a comment left by an anonymous user. These types of comments are known as troll comments.

Troll comments usually consist of “bad” language, rude jokes, and spammy links.

They aren’t beneficial to anyone, especially your audience, so remove them immediately.

Respond politely to trolls. Trolls may leave negative remarks to hurt your brand image. However, you can respond calmly and positively to trolls without letting them affect your reputation.

6. Promote Through Social Media

Promoting your videos through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is another effective strategy.

Connect with influencers in your field and ask them to share your videos. You can do this directly via social networks or indirectly through third-party platforms like BuzzSumo.

7. Share Content

Sharing and commenting on others’ videos builds credibility within your community. Sharing other people’s content gives you the opportunity to connect with people with similar interests.

When sharing other people’s content, remember to credit the author or source appropriately.

8. Optimize Your Account

Optimizing your YouTube account involves taking care of everything from your profile to your uploaded videos.

Be consistent in what you upload. Don't upload random videos across multiple categories.

Keep your description concise and clear so that viewers understand what your video is about.

Add attractive thumbnails that highlight your main points. Consider adding a call to action button at the bottom of each thumbnail.

Create custom playlists and tag your videos accordingly. Add playlists to different categories to create targeted lists.

Final Thoughts

These tips will help you improve your YouTube presence and rank higher on Google search engines.

Start uploading videos today and watch your traffic skyrocket!

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