This video shows you 10 ways to make money from YouTube videos. It includes some of the easiest ways to make money from Youtube including affiliate marketing, selling products, making passive income, etc.

From YouTube: Whether you have an audience that loves watching your videos or simply wishes to advertise your products/services online, chances are you would love to monetize these videos.

In short, you can make money from your video uploads. To find out how to read on below.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel 

1. Get Paid For Views

The first way to monetize your videos involves advertising. If you run ads within your videos, it means you get paid to view your content.

This is called “view-based marketing."

How does it work? Well, advertisers pay to play. They want to promote their products, services, or brands to viewers.

However, YouTube doesn't allow advertisers to directly target individuals. Instead, advertisers bid on keywords and placements. This system allows YouTube to serve relevant advertisements to each viewer.

So yes, you can make money via views, but you won't receive direct payments for each view.

2. Advertise Services & Products Online

Another option is to offer paid reviews. If you can write professionally, you may be able to start writing reviews for websites such as Amazon, eBay, Google, and others.

For example, you can review books on and earn money every month for doing so.

As another alternative, you can advertise your services and products online. Some companies offer affiliate programs so that you can earn commissions for selling other people's products.

There is no doubt that you can make money from uploading YouTube videos; however, the amount varies according to the quality of your channel and its popularity.

YouTube makes money by displaying advertisements whenever users watch videos.

It takes approximately 65 seconds for a user to view an advertisement on average.

Therefore, channels with popular videos tend to generate more revenue, since advertisements are shown over longer periods of time.

Channels with fewer views and subscribers usually don't show any advertisements.

To get paid from YouTube, you need to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). YPP provides three levels of participation: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

3. Sell Merchandise

Some people also think that they can make money by selling merchandise associated with their videos.

For instance, you can sell t-shirts, hats, bags, keychains, posters, magnets, buttons, stickers, mouse pads, umbrellas, and much more. However, you cannot sell items that contain copyrighted material without permission from the copyright owner.

Most importantly, you should ensure that your goods comply with applicable laws.

4. Collect Donations

Another way to make money from your YouTube account is by collecting donations.

You can ask your fans to donate whatever they feel is appropriate, whether it's $0.01 or $100.00.

When you collect donations, you will automatically receive a notification stating how much has been donated.

Once you reach a threshold, you will receive payment.

For example, say you decide to donate $25.00 per video. Then, your fans must watch 25 minutes of your videos before they can donate.

After your donation goal is reached, donors will receive a confirmation email and PayPal invoice.

They then have 24 hours to complete the transaction. After that time frame, it will become eligible for the next cycle.

On top of that, you can choose to set up recurring monthly donations.

5. Create Sponsored Playlists

A third method to make money from YouTube involves creating sponsored playlists.

Using this technique, you can select certain keywords and genres of videos that interest you.

Then, you can invite your fans to subscribe to your playlist. Once a subscriber joins, he or she will be notified once a week about what types of videos you plan to add to the playlist.

6. Use AdSense

AdSense is a program offered by Google. Subscribers use it to display ads on their sites.

If you're interested in using this program, go to

Enter your username and password. That's it.

Now, you can easily place a text ad on your site. The type of ads displayed depend on the visitor's location and interests.

7. Earn Referral Rewards

What if you could do something better than earning rewards?

That's right. You can refer your friends to GSN, Inc., a company offering referral bonuses and incentives, to encourage them to sign up for free accounts.

By joining GSN, you can earn points when your referrals register for an account. Those points translate into cash back.

Here's how it works.

First, visit Sign in or create a new account. It's free.

Next, click 'Refer A Friend' under the 'Sign In.'

Give the friend's name and e-mail address.

Finally, fill in the form and hit submit.

From there, your friend receives an automatic invitation to our website.

He or she can accept the invite or reject it. We will notify you when we receive his or her acceptance.

You will then receive bonus points after a certain number of your referrals follow the instructions above.

How many points equals one dollar? That depends on how many people you send the link to.

Don't worry. You will always know exactly how many points you have earned.

8. Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program enables partners to earn commission from sales made by customers referred to the partner's web pages.

Affiliates typically share the profits generated from product purchases.

There are affiliate programs available for virtually everything imaginable. And, some of those programs are highly profitable.

For example, let's assume you own a website that sells digital cameras.

You can enter into an affiliate agreement with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and more. These companies provide specific information about their products, including pricing, specifications, features, etc.

Your job is to post this information on your website.

People looking to buy a camera will come across your website. And when they do, they see all the details.

At that point, they are ready to purchase.

Canon, Nikon, and Pentax are among the most successful affiliate programs.

Why? Because people trust their recommendations.

As soon as they've seen their recommendation, they believe that it's safe to buy the item.

Of course, it's easy to recommend anything. But, you need to find a product that aligns with your personal values.

9. Sell Your Own Products

Selling your own products is another way to make money online.

This method requires minimal effort. All you need to do is design and sell your own products.

The best part is that you don't even need to be skilled at designing.

All you need is a computer, a printer, and a good idea.

Once you have these three things, you're ready to start selling your own products.

In fact, you can use websites like Etsy to get started.

Etsy is a marketplace where individuals and small businesses can sell handmade goods.

If you want to sell your own products, you'll first need to set up an Etsy shop.

Once you do so, you can upload pictures of your items.

Then, you can list them for sale.

When someone buys your product, you receive payment.

And, if you choose to keep the product, you can resell it later. youtube with your blog to get traffic

Link your Youtube channel with your Blog to get Traffic.

I am sure you must have heard about the concept of backlinking.

Backlinking refers to linking your site to other sites.

It helps search engines index your content faster.

So, if you want to rank higher in Google, you should try to build links between your site and others.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to create videos and put them on Youtube.

After uploading your video, you can add a description and tags.

Now, go to your blog and write a short article.

Add a link to your Youtube page.

That's it!

You just created a backlink.

But, there's no guarantee that visitors will click through to your blog.

To increase the chances of getting clicks, you can:

- Add social media sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

- Include a call to action button (Buy now, Subscribe, Sign up)

- Use images instead of text

- Create a landing page

- Promote your blog posts on Facebook or Instagram

- Write guest posts on blogs

- Offer freebies

- Giveaways

- Contests

- Referrals

- Reviews

- Interviews

- Quizzes

- Surveys

- Free ebooks

- Free reports

- Free samples

- Free downloads

- Free trials

- Free consultations

- Free training courses

- Free webinars

- Free seminars

- Free conferences

- Free workshops

- Free classes

And now that you understand different ways to monetize your YouTube channel, try them out.

Make sure you pick a strategy that fits your needs and abilities.

Good luck!


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